7 Key Benefits of Using Temporary Storage During Relocation

7 Key Benefits of Using Temporary Storage During Relocation

Do you find yourself in between homes when moving from one location to another? Here are the benefits of using temporary storage during relocation.
Selecting the Right Self-Storage Unit

4 Simple Errors You Need to Avoid When Selecting a Self-storage Unit

Are you relocating to a new area or running out of space in your existing home? Here’s what you need to know when selecting a self-storage unit.
3 Fast & Easy Ways for Efficient Garage Organization

3 Fast & Easy Ways for Efficient Garage Organization

Has your garage organization gone by the wayside? If so, you're going to need some good tips to get it back in line. After all, this is the space in most homes where your unwanted or items of low importance get thrown, hopefully, to be organized…
4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Bed & Bedding for Your Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design: How to Pick the Perfect Bed & Bedding

Your bedroom is a place of peace and relaxation, so it must embody that vibe. It must also be the place where you go to unwind then, wake up happy and rested. Therefore, it's important that you take the time and energy to pick the right bed…
Storage Shed Organizing Solutions

How to Organize Your Portable Shed Storage

One of the most common problems homeowners face is a lack of storage space. Over the course of your lifetime, you will acquire a number of possessions. Rather than letting these possessions clutter up your home, you should invest in portable…
5 Tips to Elegantly Maximize Your Home Storage

Home Storage Tips: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Space

Your home should be a place that perfectly reflects your lifestyle. It should be somewhere that complements your tastes and supports your interests. It should not be somewhere that you have to compromise or let go of what you love. One of the…

8 Pro Tips for Giving New Life to Your Kitchen

Are you tired of making the same old meals in the same old kitchen? Are you dying for something fresh and exciting that actually motivates you to pull out the cutting board and spend some time with the cookbook? We've gathered eight ways to…
Interior Design that Respects the Environment
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Interior Design Products that are ALL About Respecting The Environment

At DigThisDesign, we're always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, projects, and stories, etc. I dig it when I find brands that care about their global impact. I'd like to share 4 companies from around the world who…
interior designer purge old files hand drawn floor plans in fire pit
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An Interior Designers Tips to Purging Old Jobs

Why is it important... I opened my design firm in 1992 and every year I would roll up the drawing plans I had created and store them in tubes. Of course I knew I should hold onto old plans for a while in case there needed to be a repair,…
ADA, Adaptability, accessibility, designing for accessibility
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Designing a Home for Accessibility with Style!

My husband and I had always dreamed about living on the water and when we found a 1970's property with a dozen manatee's right off the dock, we knew we were home! We also knew the work we had ahead of us with an old property. As an interior…
Making Stock Cabinetry Look Custom
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Tips to Making Stock Cabinetry Look Custom While Staying in Budget

It is no secret; the most expensive rooms in the house to remodel are the kitchen and the bathroom. What happens when the budget is tight and you need to make every dollar count? As a Certified Kitchen and Bath designer I always tell my budget…
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3 Reasons to Hire an Interior Design Professional For Your Project

Getting to create a feel good and functional space that my clients love to live in is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. In this project, the clients were seeking a cohesive color palette, proper storage and a comfortable…