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For some people garages are just as important as the homes we live in and our cars not just possessions, but property that we love, adore, and cherish.  Today we share several different garage design inspirations.

If your space was limitless or large what might you do?  If you could have a modern and new styled garage attached to your home what design might you make, or if you liked the idea of a pole barn for your garage, there are several different routes to take.

Spacious Garages

When it comes to garages size does often matter and bigger is better.  If you had all the space in the world to store all of your cars, trucks, and all terrain vehicles, then you would need a large building to store them.

This massive and beautiful brick building below is an enormous garage to store your vehicles.  An entire floor with six spaces and several floors of either living space above, or possibly storage, work or store your tools or otherwise.  This building is open to limitless alternatives.


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This garage is above and beyond using great imagination, but also inspired by the ability to utilize a ton of space.  The entire bottom floor of this building that looks like a house is the garage to all these vehicles.


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Modern Garages

Beautiful newer homes are not limited or as emphasized with the traditionally styled garages, and can be not only a place for your car to reside when not being used, but be attractive as well.

This enormous and gorgeous six car garage sits almost like an ally leading up to the front of this house, not only melding into the house decor, but also making a statement that the cars parked at this house are just as important as the interior design within.


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This large four car garage not only rivals the size of this house, but also the outdoor decor has a modern touch to it, straying from a traditionally styled garage.


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Barn Styled Garages

Men and women who love their cars often regard pole barns or typical barns as a great place to start a build a dream garage.  It already boasts the space necessary for a larger than normal garage, but is easy to maintain and convert into a garage.

This is an enormous pole barn that has been converted in a garage.  This is a perfect addition to a country home or maybe a woodland property to store, cars, tools, or whatever your hearts desire is.


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This barn styled garage is small enough and lovely enough to be a great garage for either a regular sized property or country property as well.


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