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Gardens are beautiful and balcony’s can be a great little hideaway from the rest of the house or apartment.  Decorating the space with a garden can give it a sense of calm, beauty, and engaging aromas.

Here are some beautiful balcony garden inspirations with flowers, in apartments, or private homes.

Fill Your Balcony With Flowers

Brighten up your balcony garden with colorful flowers and make it visually lavish and beautiful, and the smell of the flowers intoxicating.

The balcony garden featured below has both green beautiful plants and blended with plum purple and bright white flowers contrasting.  It’s a small space covered with a garden.


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This is a small balcony with a tong of life, full of colors with the dichotomy of garden greens and then the beautiful purple and white flowers covering the front of the iron is visually gorgeous.


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Purples, Pinks, and plenty of pretty colors cover this gorgeous balcony making it absolutely stunning to view and probably intoxicating to inhale the smells.  This is a balcony I’d be happy to sit and read a book in the afternoon on.


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Private Home Balcony’s

Want to escape the madness of your house and grab some privacy and some fresh air?  A balcony garden on your home would be an ideal location to have some quiet “me” time.

This balcony is huge but also aptly decorated, giving it shade and privacy, and full of beautiful flowers, an ideal location to read a book and relax the afternoon away.


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This balcony garden features several different plants potted with greens and flowers, and it’s a small private balcony amidst a large house, somewhere great to escape.


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Apartment Balcony’s

In an apartment it’s probably even more important or convenient to have that little space to get some private air or time.  A garden on that balcony makes it even more inviting.

This is a gorgeous apartment garden balcony with greens, flowers, and decorations, make this unique, beautiful and private.


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This apartment balcony garden inspiration shows how a garden can affect the appearance of an entire building, giving it a lavish and personal touch with the beautiful flowers and colors covering it.


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