The symbolism of flowers developed over thousands of years and is absolutely fascinating! Something that cropped up in our inbox recently was this infographic based on the etymology and symbolism of flowers. If you’re not familiar with the term “Etymology”, it is the wonderful world of the origin of words and how they historically change over time.

What Goes Into Your Bouquet?

Surprisingly, there are a lot of fascinating historical meanings behind flowers listed in the infographic. For those of you who are deep thinkers, and enjoy looking at the flow of energy and other similar topics, this is something that might appeal to you.

The Etymology & Symbolism of Flowers


Symbolism of Flowers - Roses

Some of them you already know. For example, it’s no surprise that the rose means love and passion. After all, everyone is familiar with Valentine’s Day. However, there are also other fascinating meanings about the symbolism of flowers.


Peony Flowers Arrangement

In the case of the Peony, for instance, its name comes from the Greek God of Medicine and Healing called Paeon which means it brings good fortune and prosperity.


Symbolism of Flowers - Hyancinths

But, there are other Greek references, as well. Taking the Hyacinth as another example. Legend suggests that this is from Hyakinthos who was a Greek youth accidentally killed by Apollo. Ultimately, it has meanings of playfulness, sincerity, and constancy.

Your Beautiful Flower Arrangements

From now on, we may look at flowers altogether differently. We suggest that you use this information when designing your flower arrangements in your home. Then, share the fun and interesting information with your family and friends. It might just bring an entirely new depth of meaning to your interior design!

What do you think about designing your flower arrangements with the etymology and symbolism of flowers in mind? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. We’ve also included links below for more tips about flowers for your beautiful home.

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