You might be buying them for your home, or you might be shopping around for your wedding day. Regardless, we all want to keep our cut flowers fresh for as long as possible.

In fact, this is my goal when I buy flowers. For instance, last week, I bought them from Avas Flowers, with the Avas Flower Reseller Ratings page and Avas Twitter suggesting that these were a good bet for the fresh-factor. Fortunately, they were right.

There’s more than just the shop you buy the flowers from, though. You can also make a difference through your own care and attention and today’s article will discuss the following topics:

  • How you can use sugar to make the flowers last longer
  • Why washing the vase isn’t just for aesthetic reasons
  • How cutting stems isn’t some sort of long-lost myth
  • The power of location, location, location

4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

Use Sugar for Longevity

Ever noticed how some bunches arrive with “plant food” alongside them? Well, one of the key ingredients in this is sugar. That’s right, sugar can make your flowers last a lot longer.

Depending on the size of your vase, you might need about 1/4 of a cup of sugar. Interestingly, if you pour this into the existing flower vase water, you should notice a difference in the lifespan of your flowers.

Wash the Vase Thoroughly

It sounds too simple to be true, right? However, if you are the type of person who regularly buys flowers, you’ll know that by the end of their life the vase is never clean. In actual fact, all sorts of bacteria develop and grow in there.

That’s why it takes more than a basic cleaning. Instead, get to the bottom of the grime. If there is even a small amount of bacteria left over, it will shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

Cut Stems Properly

4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

Receiving or buying flowers isn’t just about plonking them in a vase and hoping for the best. A degree of preparation is required. You need to cut them before putting them into the vase, with the best tip being that you should trim them with a sharp blade at a 45 degrees angle.

What does this do? It allows as much water as possible to enter them and naturally, this is going to keep them fresher for longer.

Position the Flowers Correctly

You might want your flowers in the dining room, but practicalities are going to get in the way of this. You need to cater to the environment and this means finding a cool but not overly cold location. Also, the location must be away from hot appliances. Naturally, sunlight falls into this category as well.

Why is this important? Like humans, the hotter the temperature, the more water flowers need. If you’ve ever taken a look at wilting flowers, you’ll find that it is surprisingly moist. This is because the plant is trying to release more water, which it does through the top of the stem.

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