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David Pompa – Contemporary Design with Mexican Heritage & Craftsmanship

David Pompa was recently recognized as a rising talent at the Maison & Objet show in Miami for his beautiful cultural designs using the environmentally friendly materials, barro negro, talavera, woven plastics, and handblown glass. His…
Airbrush Makeup for a Flawless Finish

Airbrush Makeup Gives a Flawless Finish at ALL Ages; Great for Covering Up Scars

Why Airbrush Makeup Is Right for You A simple mixture of tinted liquids and pressurized air could be the very thing you need to get through a big event with flawless makeup. Although the use of the airbrush for various purposes is not new,…
Interior Design that Respects the Environment
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Interior Design Products that are ALL About Respecting The Environment

At DigThisDesign, we're always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, projects, and stories, etc. I dig it when I find brands that care about their global impact. I'd like to share 4 companies from around the world who…
Summer 2015 Design & Entertaining Guide

Summer 2015 Design & Entertaining Guide

This summer season is all about bringing the outside in. As a lover of ALL things design, I'd love to share my inspirations for this season. Use the form below to download the guide; hope you enjoy!
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Designing a Home for Accessibility with Style!

My husband and I had always dreamed about living on the water and when we found a 1970's property with a dozen manatee's right off the dock, we knew we were home! We also knew the work we had ahead of us with an old property. As an interior…
Wear the Nautical Look With Style

The Nautical Look Always Rocks the Summer Fashion, Tips to doing it Right

What do you get when you combine red, white and navy blue? You get nautical flare, which currently is just about the hottest look in preppy style. Because nautical fashions evoke sailboat travel and include bright and bold colors, this is primarily…
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Road Tripping Through the Hamptons, Going the Distance to Montauk

Photography by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC. I was in awe at the vibrant colors seen in the trees and flowers that seemed to be exploding with blooms. The Hampton's in the summer is so beautiful and everywhere I looked I could not get…
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Survive Your Remodel: A Guide To Formulating the Right Size Kitchen Island

A Guide to Formulating the Perfect Sized Kitchen Island By Patricia Davis Brown There is nothing worse than finding out after your remodel or new home construction that the kitchen island is not an efficient size for the space…
Brazilian Designer Leo Capote Transforms Object’s Function

Brazilian Designer Leo Capote Transforms Object’s Function

I met Leo Capote at the Maison & Objet Americas show where he was receiving recognition as one of the seven Rising Talents. While I was there, I also met up with Max Gunawan, designer of the Lumio light, and Alicia Kossick, a stylish woman…
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Woven Goods and Accessories By Alicia Kossick Empowering Women, Native Culture, and Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that covers  multiple aspects. I met with Alicia Kossic at the Maison & Objet Americas show in Miami, and for her, sustainability means preserving cultural heritage, empowering women with their craft…
Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood - A Prospering Hub For Art

Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood Has Become A Prospering Hub For Art

In recent years, what use to be the warehouse and manufacturing district in Miami has become the Wynwood Arts District, where creatives, hipsters, and developers now have a place to thrive. Wynwood is experiencing a period of gentrification.…
Interviewing mom
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Interviewing Mom, Tips on Being a FASHIONISTA at 89! Recipes For Mother’s Day Bubbly & Brunch

My mother is a trip! At 89 years old she still ROCKS a pair of fashion jeans and platform shoes.  I will never forget my mother in the 70's wearing hot pants with go-go boots cleaning her house or bell bottom pants, platform shoes and…