“Spring Cleaning” used to be a tradition in every home across the U.S. But these days, with so many homemakers also working in outside jobs, the idea of cleaning the house “top to bottom” sounds old-fashioned and, honestly, ridiculously perfectionistic.
Somewhere in between this, is the need for inspiration. After all, a clean home is a healthy home, more comfortable and relaxing.

However, let’s not just talk about dusting, vacuuming, and mopping (ugghh). Let’s be creative and make our home more beautiful and comfortable while getting it a little cleaner.

Here are five tips to get you started or “inspired.” Let’s admit: there is no such thing as perfection, so there’s no pressure here to “do it all”….choose what’s important for you.

5 Spring Cleaning Inspiration Tips

Spring Cleaning Inspiration Tip #1

You can’t do it all. Deep-down cleaning can be delegated to a professional maid service, carpet and upholstery cleaners and the like.  If that’s not really affordable for you right now, enlist your children to clean, and reward them with a fun day trip, pizza sleepover party or anything else that really inspires them.

Spring Cleaning Inspiration Tip #2

Declutter. Why start cleaning, when there’s a whole lot of stuff to move around? Put items in their proper place. Use baskets to organize daily needs. Or throw what’s not needed in a donation bag, or (gasp) the trash can. Give it to your neighbors. Or have a garage sale. Whatever it takes, lessen the things that get in the way. Your home will instantly look larger.

Spring Cleaning Inspiration Tip #3

Clean the closet. The items you haven’t worn in a year (or two!) need to go bye-bye. Set aside a couple of hours just to sift through the hangers and make decisions. If it’s too small, stop waiting to lose a few pounds. If it doesn’t fit, is not really your color, or you don’t have the skirt, pants or shoes to go with it, take it out of the closet. Get rid of shoes that are not comfortable!!

Make a pile for donations. You might even want to send them to a resale/consignment shop. When in doubt about an emotionally-attached item, put it aside, and ask your family or friends for honest opinions of how the item looks on you. That way you can eliminate the emotions and get rid of it, if “it makes you look fat, mom.”

Sweep and dust the floors and shelves when you’ve downsized your wardrobe. Buy the same type of hanger for all items, which makes your closet look more appealing.

Spring Cleaning Inspiration Tip #4

Rearrange and declutter bookshelves. You’ll be amazed at the dirt and stuff that is lurking behind those books. Remove them shelf-by-shelf, and decide which books aren’t useful anymore. Dust and use a furniture oil to preserve the wood. Rearrange by color or size and leave space for a silk floral arrangement, a trophy, a large photo, or other type of memorabilia on one or two of the shelves.

Spring Cleaning Inspiration Tip #5

Replace, reuse, refuse. Replace your old shower curtain liner, which is probably laden with mildew, with a new one. Voila, a new bathroom motif! Reuse accent pillows, by alternating them by season. Last but not least, refuse to be a slave to what “mama used to do.” Refuse to live in a less-than-healthy house. Get inspired. And, most importantly, enjoy the spring, the clean, and the new look around your home. Enjoy being inspired.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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