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Are you thinking about renovating your entire bathroom so that it is more functional? However, has the high cost put the project on hold? You could be looking at thousands of dollars for the project, and, unless you want to finance it, you might have to pay that all at once. If you are interested in low-cost changes that can be made so that you do not have to think about spending so much at one time, you should consider the following bathroom accessories. These are things that can make the space as functional as you desire without costing you a fortune.

1. A New Shower Head

It starts with a new shower head, which can make you feel like you have an entirely new shower. It changes the functionality of the space so that you will not be as concerned with the way that it looks. A waterfall shower head in an older shower can still make you feel like you are at the spa without the cost of tearing that shower out and installing a new one.

2. New Wall Tiles

Rather than redoing all of the tiles in the whole room, you may want to think about keeping the floor tiles and just changing the ones on the wall. In fact, you could just run them up the wall for about three feet and then paint the room a neutral colour above that. It is going to look like a new room at first glance, but you do not even need as many tiles as it would take to do the whole floor.

3. Wall Shelves

The biggest complaint that people have with old sinks is that they are stand-alone models, meaning that there is no space around them for things like toothbrushes or hair dryers. This makes the room feel more cramped than it really is when you are trying to get ready for work. Think about installing a few small shelves so that everything has its place, and the sink will feel useful again.

4. Extra Lighting

Finally, you can make the space feel more warm and inviting if you just put in some extra lights. Do not take the old ones out, but add recessed lighting in all other areas of the room. Just make sure that the lights are waterproof and well sealed if you install them right over the shower or the tub.

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