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I had been holding off on cleaning my raggedy upholstery and my rugs for quite sometime. With two kids and a dog playing all over, I am sure you can imagine what everything looked like after not having been cleaned for a long time. My hesitancy was that I wanted to find a company that used a green cleaner. I really did not want my pet and my children to be exposed to toxic chemicals and fumes for the sake of a cleaner house.

I found Green Choice online when I was at the end of my rope with how gross my house had gotten. I had never used them before, but I went ahead and called them. The person I spoke with was able to schedule an appointment for me within a week and a half. The man who came to do the rug was a cleaning technician from Green Choice Carpet NYC was very polite, and he explained the chemicals that he was using in great detail. He was in and out in a few hours. I have to say that I was really impressed with what my couches and my rugs looked like when he was done. Everything was very clean and I am very satisfied with the fact that my kids and dog were not exposed to something that they should not have been. I would use them for rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning again the next time I my house needs it. I am not going to wait this long again!


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