A Home for Your Family How Big Is Enough

A Home for Your Family • How Big Is Enough?

Are you currently looking for a home for your family? If so, to find the right home, there are important questions you must answer first.
A-List of the Most Expensive Celebrity Homes Around - Clooney’s 25-room Villa Oleandra mansion

9 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Homes of All Time

Celebrity excess never disappoints. Of course, there’s no greater display of egregious expense than stupidly opulent celebrity homes.

Going Down in Open House History: How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

If you want to get your home ready to sell, doing an open house is part of the bargain. Many people complain or struggle through their tours because of their impatience to get the place off the market and sold. But, instead of rushing through…
Designing the Home Office

3 Steps to Designing the Home Office of Your Dreams

Working from home is becoming more popular so it's important to start thinking about designing the home office of your dreams! However, if you’re already based at home or you spend a couple of days a week at home, it’s crucial to create…
Streamline your home design project

5 Tactics to Streamline Your Home Design Projects

Whether you design a new look for your own home, or you do home design work in a professional capacity, it won't be as enjoyable or cost-effective if you allow the project to proceed without effective tactics to streamline your projects. As…
Tips to a Cleaner Home

Cleaner Home Tips Beyond the Clutter

Even if you have an eco-friendly home, it might not be as clean and healthy as it could be. The truth is that many people’s homes are not, and the underlying reasons can be extremely varied. However, there are a few key steps you can take…
The Best Home Exterior

How to Choose the Best Home Exterior

Many people spend so much time planning the inside of a home that they forget the outside is just as important. Choosing and maintaining the best home exterior for your house is about more than just maintaining the value of your property, it…
How to Create a Brighter Home Interior
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5 Tips for a Brighter Home Interior

With summer well on its way, why not take the time to create a brighter home interior to relax in after a day spent outside in the sun? This year, welcome sunlight into your home and transform your interior to create the perfect summer haven.…
4 Home Decorating Tips to LOVE Your Home
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Home Decorating: How to Stay in Love with Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether you have just bought a new place or you’re living in the house your mom used to live in and her mom before that, you want to fall in love with your home. You want to fall in love and you want to fall hard, and…
Home Styles & Trends

Home Styles – The Latest Trends

Home styles are notorious for changing frequently. Therefore, if you want to adorn your home in the latest styles you have to move quickly. You have to remain aware of what is and what isn't in fashion. Some advice on the latest home styles…
5 Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture For Less Stress

5 Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture For Less Stress

Have you ever been so bored that you actually rearranged all the furniture in your home? Well, boredom is certainly one good reason to do it, but there are plenty of others. In fact, changing the layout of even one room in your home, never…
lighting design guide how to with placement and beam spreads for plans and elevations
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How to Light a Vanity Correctly – A Lighting Design How To

Lighting a bathroom needs to have great consideration. This is a room where you do multiple tasks and it is important that you have the ability to see well while performing them. Hotel bathrooms are notorious for bad lighting. I'll never forget…