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Easy Colorful Summer Garden Ideas

7 Fragrant and Colorful Summer Garden Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to make memories with your family and friends by enjoying your fragrant and colorful garden. There are lots of amazing ways to make the most out of your garden this summer. You might create a new patio area for hosting…
Your Checklist for Garden Flowers that Thrive All Summer Long
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Your Checklist for Garden Flowers that Thrive All Summer

Growing garden flowers is a joy that many homeowners enjoy. However, for some, caring for a flower garden might seem like a huge project that's too big to undertake. But for most the joy of gardening outweighs the time and effort it takes. So,…
Home DIY Projects

5 Healthy Home DIY Projects for 2019

The new year resolutions are written and the holidays are past. So, now it is time to decide which home DIY projects you are going to do next. Because health topics are at the top of most new year resolutions, why not tackle some home DIY projects…
How to Start a Vegetable Garden Right at Home

How to Start a Vegetable Garden Right at Home

A vegetable garden is a wonderful thing. No matter how small your outdoor space is, you can relax and enjoy the weather, soak up some sun, and grow plants and flowers. You can also grow vegetables if you have green fingers and a taste for organic…
Outdoor Living Design Tips

Outdoor Living; How to Create the Perfect Living area in Your Garden

On those nice, warm summer days, you look out at your garden and imagine yourself relaxing on a deck chair drinking a cool drink in the sunshine. If your garden hasn’t got anywhere you can lie in the sun, then maybe it is time for a redesign. You…
3 Home Design Technologies on the Horizon

Home Design Today; 3 New Technologies

Home design is going to change drastically in the next few decades. New technology will completely reinvent the way that we decorate our houses and the way that we live in them too. Though you might not realize it, some of those changes are…
DIY Tips for Summertime Gardening

Urban Living – How to Create Green Space in Your Urban Home

When hunting for a new home, many of us refuse to even consider options without the addition of a garden. In many ways, this makes sense. We all love the chance to get outside. Gardens are fantastic for keeping us in touch with nature. They…
DIY Tips for Summertime Gardening
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DIY Garden Tip Guide for Summertime Gardening

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to step outside and leave the interior DIY alone - at least for a couple of weeks and set our attention to our outdoor space. There is so much stuff to get involved in outdoors that it can…
Summer Garden Ideas & Inspirations

Summer Garden Ideas; 4 Tips to a Beautiful Garden

With the sun shining, the birds chirping and the flowers blooming, who wouldn’t want to make the most out of their garden? Maybe take an evening walk or sit on the swing at night and contemplate about life. Whether you would use the garden…
Zen Garden
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Creating a Zen Garden, Everything You Need to Know

A Zen garden is a dry landscape garden, often called a Japanese rock garden. This garden is mostly created with miniature style landscape by carefully arranging rocks, water, moss, pruned trees, bushes, and sands. These features represent…
Tips on Winter Garden Maintenance
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Winter Garden Maintenance; 3 Must Have Apps!

Winter is coming with all its comfort and coziness of home and yet, it brings a great challenge with it when it comes to winter garden maintenance. The moment blizzards and snowflakes touch our garden, the beauty of summer comes to a halt.…
Garden Growing Success Starts From The Ground Up
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Garden Growing Success – 5 Tips To Succeed

Is your garden not living up to its potential? There's so much more to gardening than just planting and watering, and even experienced gardeners are constantly fine-tuning their green thumbs. If you're new to gardening, these tips will…