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resin art

12 Ways to Beautify your Home with Resin Art

Decorating a space with resin art is one way to add detail that beautifies a home and functional art adds a different level of creativity.
DIY Backyard Makeover | Tips for a BudgetUnsplash

DIY Backyard Makeover | Tips on a Budget

A DIY backyard makeover, at some point is on every homeowner mind and turns their attention to the backyard. Learn all the tips for a budget.
A Beginner's Guide to Repairing Wood Furniture

A Beginner’s Guide to Repairing Wood Furniture

People often throw away rather than repairing their broken furniture. However, repairing wood furniture is a better alternative for most.
Your DIY Home Starter Kit Essentials

Check List of 5 of Your DIY Home Starter Kit Essentials

Are you someone who enjoys DIY projects around the home? If you do, have you thought about organizing a DIY home starter kit?
4 Beautiful DIY Decorations Made from PVC Pipe

5 DIY Home Decorations Made with PVC

PVC pipe is great for a lot more than just home plumbing. It’s a versatile material you can use to make affordable, durable, and unique home decorations. Using PVC to improve your home décor is fun, easy and best of all, inexpensive. Below…
Buld Your Own Furniture

21 Easy Ideas to Build Your Own Furniture

An interesting approach to furnishing your home is rather than spending money on new items, why not build your own furniture? Building furniture may sound daunting, but these easy DIY suggestions add flair to your house and give you a wonderful…
4 Easy tips to help you diy1 (1)

DIY Made Easy with 4 Simple Tips

Have you always wished you could tackle a home improvement project or find a clever solution to implement organizing your drawers, but simply lacked the confidence to try? Today we have some tips you might like to try to make DIY a little less…
DIY Home Decorating Guide for Success

DIY Home Decorating Guide for Success

Over the last couple of decades, DIY has become more popular than ever. From the TV shows that make DIY home decorating look like a breeze, to sites like Houzz and Pinterest, homeowners are given a skewed view of what it actually takes to be…
A refurbished desk using the technique of decoupage medium Mod Podge.
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Refurbished Desktop Using Decoupage Medium Mod Podge

What's A Decoupage? As a designer who has added blogging to my resume, I learn something new every day. Thanks to our latest submission by one of our favorite DIYers, Julia Reilly, I have learned what a decoupage medium is in the crafting…
A refurbished cabinet.

How to Refurbish An Old Cabinet Into “Shabby Chic” Style

DIYer of The Day... Jenee Simons is our DIYer of the day. Jenee refers to herself as, just a handy dandy crafty chick who loves refurbishing old things, it puts her in her happy place. Jenee found this old discarded piece of furniture…
Before and after classic chair DIY chalk paint and glaze refurbish project with Julia Riley.

DIY – How to Make an Old Chair Into a Statement Piece

DIY Classic Chair Refurbish     Presenting Julia Reilly, our DIY expert loves to turn old into shiny and WOW! She will be taking a thrifted classic style chair and revamping it with fresh, fun color using multiple paint techniques.…
Home Projects You Should Not DIY!

Home Projects You Should NOT DIY

If your project puts you or your home at risk, it's probably better to hire a professional for the home projects you should not DIY.