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Redesigning Your Bathrooms

Redesigning Your Bathrooms with Innovative Design Ideas

A small but significant change makes you happy and cheerful. Today we bring you some ideas and inspiration for redesigning your bathrooms!
How to Fix 5 Common Bathroom Problems(

5 Common Bathroom Problems and How to Fix Them

If you’re not a professional plumber, tackling these problems gets overwhelming. Here are five of the most common bathroom problems and how to fix them.
Natural Lighting for Your Bathroom

3 Inspirations of Natural Lighting for Your Bathroom

For your inspiration, here are some peeks at Patricia Davis Brown Designs! The natural lighting in these bathrooms will surely inspire changes to yours.
Making the Most of Your Smaller Bathrooms
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5 Problems Faced by People with Smaller Bathrooms: Here is what You Should Do

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the home. Here are tips on how to design your space to get the maximum benefit out of smaller bathrooms.
Bathroom Design Transformation

Bathroom Design; Transformation on a Budget

Bathroom design is one of the most popular remodels in modern homes. They are a high-traffic space so your bathroom design is highly visible. An added bonus is this type of re-design has a significant impact on your resale value. So, this…
Easy tips for an accessible and stylish spa bathroom

3 Easy Tips for an Accessible and Stylish Spa Bathroom

Have you ever thought about a spa bathroom? When you think of your bathroom like a spa, it takes on a new direction in design. Ask yourself the following questions. What is the purpose of this room? Is it a stop between rooms or is it a place…

Bathroom Makeover Tips for a Fresh NEW Look

A bathroom makeover can add not only comfortable for you, but it can also add a lot of value to your home. Your bathroom is where you get ready, first thing in the morning and it's where you return at the end of the day to relax which is why…
4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Bathroom Design

4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Bathroom Design

The bathroom is one of the most luxurious and valuable rooms in the house, so when changes need to be made, it can be hard to know where to begin. One common reason to update your bathroom design is when your family circumstances alter.…
Pro Tips for a Simplistic Bath Design

Simplistic Bath Design; Tips from a Pro

Minimalist bathrooms are trending. If you are thinking about this type of bath design then all you have to do is KISS. Well, kiss simply stands for Keep It Simple Stupid, something I remind myself all the time when I am trying too hard…
Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

Improve the Look of Your Bathroom: 4 Top Tips

While you can’t always transform your bathroom overnight, there are things you can do now. Use this guide to help you do exactly that.

Ugliest Bathroom Finalists Announced

Did we say "ugly"? We meant "really, really, incredibly ugly"! We asked for ugly bathrooms - and you answered! So, we're proud (?) to announce the 4 finalists in our Ugliest Bathroom Contest: Ugly Bathroom Finalists Announced Our 4…