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Bathroom Design; Transformation on a Budget

Bathroom Design Transformation on a Budget

Budget Transformation for Your Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is one of the most popular remodels in modern homes. They are a high-traffic space so your bathroom design is highly visible. An added bonus is this type of re-design has a significant impact on your resale value. So, this is an improvement that adds value to your home every time.

A bathroom design transformation is not inexpensive, but if you plan carefully, you can transform your bathroom on a budget. Here are a few tips to help you along your way.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

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If your budget is on the low side, an investment in a fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to transform the design in your bathroom. Consult with your paint retailer to ensure that you use the right type of paint for bathrooms.

A Bath, A Shower, or Both

Do you already have a tub but want a shower as well? Then, all you have to do is install a diverter valve to your existing tub.

Bathroom Design Shower Diverter

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This defrays the expensive cost of the installation of a stand-alone shower. So, If you already have a tub, your money can be better spent elsewhere.

Inexpensive Fixture Replacement

You might not need to replace the entire bathtub, sink, or toilet. Instead, consider an update of the smaller fixtures, such as the faucets, levers, or lights.

Bathroom Design Tub Spout

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When you update these less expensive items in your bathroom, it makes a big visual impact on this space. It also saves you a huge amount of expense!

The Power of Caulk and Grout

Bathroom tiles are susceptible to the natural wear and tear over time that takes place in most bathrooms. However, before you replace your bathroom tile entirely, save the huge expense with the use of new caulk and grout. You can regrout your bathroom tiles, seal any gaps with caulk, and make your bathroom tiles look brand new. Regrouting is not an easy job, but it is less expensive and the results are beautiful.

Bathroom Design Tile and Grout

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Bathrooms are one of the highest traffic spaces in your home. So, with these tips, plan carefully and transform your bathroom design to add value to your home inexpensively.

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