Bathroom Remodels - 4 top tips you need before remodeling your bathroom.

If you’re working on a budget, you’re probably making your way through your house one room at a time. Bathroom remodels can be very tricky to do. Unlike the living room or bedroom, the bathroom contains heavy duty fixtures and fittings such as the tub, taps, and shower. Add the tiling and toilet to that, and it can seem like a daunting task. These are some of my top tips for re-designing your bathroom.

The 4 Most Important Things to Consider in Bathroom Remodels

Know Your Budget

Budget is so important when it comes to bathroom remodels. If you run out of money, major fixtures might have to be put on hold. Thus, this will make your bathroom temporarily unusable. On a basic budget, you should consider what you’ll have to compromise on. You’ll probably have to leave all of the plumbing where it is. However, you can still replace larger fixtures, just don’t relocate them. To stick within a budget, don’t choose luxury countertops that are extremely expensive. If you need to cut back on costs, consider where you will tile. Not the whole bathroom needs tiling. The shower area, or even behind faucets, could be tiled and the rest left bare. Paint the walls to add a more luxe feel. If you have more money to spend, you can completely remodel your bathroom. You’ll need to consider the placement of fixtures, lighting, countertops, and even the vanity style storage you may want. Plan where everything needs to go before calling a plumber or buying any of the fixtures and fittings you need. I always recommend hiring a professional designer to develop a plan first. This will save you lot’s of money in the end.

Don’t Forget About the Lighting Design

Bathroom lighting is so important. Your bathroom will probably function as a space you get ready in, especially in the morning. Therefore, above your mirror, you’ll need good quality lighting fixtures that resemble natural light. This will make getting ready easier in the morning. Your bathroom will also be a place you probably want to escape to after a busy day. For that reason, you should make sure that there are options to switch off harsher lights (over the mirror) and choose more mellow lighting for the main space. The layer lighting design is the best approach and is another area that having a professional help you design would be beneficial.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Be super accurate when measuring your bathroom. If new fixtures and fittings don’t fit, they’ll have to be sent back and you’ll need to pay for new ones. Be realistic about what you can and can’t fit in the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you might only be able to fit a shower. In a medium-sized bathroom, consider having the shower over the bath. In a large bathroom, you’ll have the luxury of add-ons and separate spaces for fixtures.


If you’ve had to stick to a strict budget while remodeling your bathroom, don’t worry. You can always add some luxury accessories once the main work is finished to add some style to your new bathroom. The additions of some luxury soaps, towels, even bath mats, can all create a high-end feel, without the price tag. Accessories are also a great way to add some color and personality to a bathroom. Don’t be afraid to put your stamp on a bathroom. All too often these are the most generic rooms in our houses and they don’t need to be.

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13 replies
  1. Finley Moreira
    Finley Moreira says:

    I agree with you that bathroom lighting is important. My current bathroom feels really dark and dim which makes it hard to get ready in the morning. I’m going to surprise my wife by having it remodeled, but I’ll be sure to consult with a contractor on how I can transform the lighting since I think that in and of itself will end up making a huge difference in the feel of the space.

  2. Doris Price
    Doris Price says:

    I would like to tell that if anyone wants to keep bathroom renovation project under his budget, then he should consider the above 4 things at the time of renovation, else the whole process will go out of his spreadsheet. Because the truth is most of the renovation projects are normally expensive. That does not mean if you are on a tight budget, then you can not make any renovation. Of course, you can. Right planning, efficient execution, skilled contractor and proper budgeting are some of the factors that will play a vital role in giving a wow look to the bathroom under the budget. So, apart from following above tips, it is better to make a professional call because he knows how to do everything coherently, so that you can get the expected result under your spreadsheet.

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald
    Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Thanks for the great bathroom remodel tips. Our master bathroom is so dated and ugly, and we need to change it soon. Lighting is one thing we’re really paying attention to, but so is accessories! Like you said, that’s how you make a high-end, luxury feel.

  4. Owen Blake
    Owen Blake says:

    Bathroom remodeling is not an easy task. When you should do bathroom remodel then keep some important points in your mind so that it will maintain the durability of the bathroom. There are variety of flooring materials and from that you should select the best one. In your blog you mention about the lightning part and the accessories and that’s really important. For your bathroom you should use LED light and that save energy.

  5. Adam
    Adam says:

    this is so true! Budget is huge when one is looking to renovate.. So often I find clients have an idea of what they want their bathroom to look like but haven’t yet matched their idea to their budget, or havent even thought of a budget yet! Thats super important so they understand and have the right expectations.


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