Your bathroom is one of the smaller spaces in your home, but it still faces big issues. Dripping faucets, toilet trouble, and bad ventilation are just a few of the common bathroom problems that can plague your home.

If you’re not a professional plumber, figuring out how to tackle these problems can seem overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. Below are five of the most common bathroom problems you might encounter, and how to solve the issues.

How to Fix 5 Common Bathroom Problems

How to Fix 5 Common Bathroom Problems

1. Slow Running Drains 

This may not seem like an issue at first because, hey, the water still goes down, right? But it’s better to tackle this problem sooner than later or else you’ll be left with a completely clogged drain.

Typical back-ups in your sink or shower drain are a result of a variety of debris — hair, soap scum, or sediment. Even if you’re good about regular drain maintenance, sometimes an extra push is needed.

This worry area can be fixed by flushing the drain with store-bought drainage products or even hot water. If you’re still having issues, try a drain snake or wire hanger to remove debris.

To make sure the issue isn’t recurring, try to flush your bath and sink weekly with hot water and monthly with a non-corrosive product. 

2. Diminished Water Pressure

Slowly but surely, your soothing, high-pressure shower becomes nothing more than a trickle. Panic may set in, thinking it’s an internal piping issue; but before calling a plumber try a DIY descaling solution. 

The build-up of limescale is most likely causing your issues. If a good cleaning doesn’t work, it may be time to replace your shower head.

If you’re finding multiple faucets in your home are lacking pressure, you may be experiencing an internal leak. If not something you’re easily able to locate, try contacting a professional.

3. Clogged Toilet

There are plenty of reasons your toilet won’t flush, but some are easier than others to fix by yourself. Although always inconvenient when it happens, a clogged toilet can quickly be fixed with a household plunger. 

If it’s not clogged and still giving you trouble, try checking to see if the lift chain inside the bowl came unhooked. Toilet systems tend to be a bit more complicated than other areas of your bathroom, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a plumber. 

4. Mold and Mildew

Mold, whether hidden or in plain sight, is one of the more dangerous bathroom issues. Don’t ignore this problem as it can lead to serious health and allergy issues within your household.

It’s particularly damaging to those with pre-existing upper respiratory infections. Mildew can cost you thousands of dollars in damage, so reach out to a remedial professional at the first sign.

Something that goes hand-in-hand with mold or mildew build-up is a poor ventilation system. If your bathroom is receiving mold treatment, but it returns time and time again, consider upgrading the ventilation unit. 

5. Leaky Sink

After a few days of the annoying drip, drip, drip you may be ready to rip your whole sink right out of the wall. Before going to such extremes, try removing just the faucet and bringing it to your local hardware store.

The problem might be a simple part replacement they can fix for you then and there. If not, they may recommend a new faucet head. 

Don’t Ignore The Problem

It’s easy to push these complications aside, most don’t stand out as big deal right away. But trouble has a way of piling up on itself, so address issues in your washroom as soon as you notice them. Wouldn’t you much rather spend $20 on a new faucet instead of $200 on your water bill? 

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