Simplistic Bath Design; Tips from a Pro

Pro Tips for a Simplistic Bath Design

Minimalist bathrooms are trending. If you are thinking about this type of bath design then all you have to do is KISS. Well, kiss simply stands for Keep It Simple Stupid, something I remind myself all the time when I am trying too hard to get to a solution, sometimes it’s much simpler than I am making it. A lot of DIYers are guilty of this and that’s where they go wrong. Check out these tips to help you create your simplistic bath design like a pro:

Pro Tips for a Simplistic Bath Design

Cabinet Hardware

Pro Tips for a Simplistic Bath Design

Your hardware should be slight and not overbearing with this style of design. I always have said that the hardware is the jewelry to the cabinetry and should complement its style. Simplistic bathroom designs, many times have a linear flow to them which is why linear hardware fits it well. You can always opt to go with a “C” channel design which eliminates the need for hardware as a “C” channel is designed into the casework allowing your hand to reach in and pull it open. Also, touch-latch systems are another way to go hardware-free and maintaining the minimalist look.

Choose A Freestanding Bath

A freestanding soaking bathtub is perfect for a simplistic bath design. The reason is you can pick a modern design and it is positioned in the bathroom like a modern piece of furniture. A built-in tub takes up a lot more room and closes in on a space giving a heavier appearance. A freestanding tub is graceful in modern bath design. When I designed my tub room I made sure that the only thing that made a statement was the bathtub and what it says to me is get in and relax.

Create a Calm Background

The walls should be in a calm color and remain neutral to pull this style off. The architecture of the space becomes an artistic element in the room so no need for accessories everywhere. This also allows the tile patterns to pop. Lighting will also be important in a simplistic bath design because the wrong color of LED diode could turn the colors of the room to mud and you don’t want that. For more on how to select an LED lamp, LED How To Get The Right Color Temperature.

Monochromatic Color Palette

A monochromatic color scheme works well in simplistic bath design. Varying shades of color adds depth without taking away from the architectural lines of the cabinetry, tile and decorative fixtures. If this is your jam then you will probably shy away from a loud burst of color and instead go for an orchid strategically placed to add just a hint of color for a bit of layering.

Shower Or Bath?

Pro Tips for a Simplistic Bath Design

Many of my clients wonder if they should omit a bathtub because they don’t take baths. My suggestion to them is if you have space it is a good idea for resale because many people such as myself take a shower in the morning and a bath at night for relaxing. If space is tight then by not having a bathtub might give a more open look, but whichever way you go either design can be designed in a style that remains true to modern.

Simplistic bath design is the number one trend in bathroom designs right now. By applying some of the tips today should help you design the minimalist bathroom you have always dreamed of.

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