Unique & Healthy Halloween Party Ideas

Unique & Healthy Halloween Party Ideas

For children, Halloween is a day when they eagerly collect bagfuls of sugar-laden candy, while venturing around the neighborhood disguised. One child collects more candy than he or she would normally eat in, perhaps, a year. Then for the next month, the stale sweets are still around, making tooth cavities in youngsters a high probability.

If you keep them at home with an easy-to-plan party, you can perhaps convince the children to try some of these healthier party foods and eliminate the sugary sweets. Healthy party food ideas include carrot sticks and low fat dip, fruit snack cups, popcorn, oranges, apples or grapes.

Unique & Healthy Halloween Party Ideas

Select a Halloween Theme

Selecting a theme and finding the coordinating décor is simple. Every discount and dollar store offers an endless array of Halloween party decorations, at a small cost. If you’re hosting an adult part, you may choose to offer alcoholic drinks. If so, having “high protein” foods for them to eat while they’re drinking will help them to keep the alcohol levels in their bodies lower.

Noah’s Ark Alternative Theme

It is fair to make note, that some people have a lesser fondness of this “holiday.” There are those who may feel it focuses on overindulgence and the “darker side of life.” A unique alternative to the usual “All Hallow’s Eve” festivities is to offer your Sunday school friends or church-going friends an alternative – “Noah’s Ark” party.

Decorate the doorway with a ramp, blue streamers resembling waves, and various nautical items. Everyone can dress up as animals, and come “by two’s.” Play “pin the tail on the giraffe,” dunk for apples, and reward the best costume. Play a recording of rain and thunder in the background. Serve clear lemon-lime soda mixed with white grape juice punch. Cover wieners with refrigerated biscuit dough, and serve other nutritious treats while your guests are on their water voyage.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

However you celebrate October 31st, remember to keep safety in mind and accompany your children while they are going around the neighborhood. But if you keep them indoors with you, serve healthy snacks that they will enjoy and that are good for them too.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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