Gift hampers are special. They are almost like transporters of love, warmth, and comfort. Plus, hampers suit every occasion. There’s about a gift hamper that you could possibly dislike! 

The greatest thing about them is they are as exciting as the person giving them. Gift hampers can be costly – perhaps one reason why hampers are mostly bought during special occasions. 

This article shares some pro tips to make luxury gift hampers on a budget. Now how does a personalized gift basket sound to you? You have the freedom to hand-pick items individually and play around with the décor. Keep reading for ideas!

How to Make Budget-Friendly Luxury Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers are for Everyone

You must know that you have a serious advantage here – you have a world of endless options of items, colors, themes, contents, and decoration. So, when you’re thinking about making luxury hampers, ask yourself who is it for, what are their likes and dislikes, and the occasion. 

DIY hampers allow you to make a conscious choice, giving you the freedom to curate items that are suitable for the occasion. 

Below, you’ll find creative ideas about what goes in a hamper, and how to wrap and present it to your loved ones. 

What’s in a Hamper?

Ideally, a hamper is a woven or wicker basket containing food, drinks, and other gift items. All the items are put in the basket, dressed with pretty decorations such as bows and flowers and wrapped with cellophane or other decorative paper.

However, gift hampers are no longer limited to food items. You can modify it with other things too. For example, there are thoughtful Christmas gifts that have traditional Christmas treats, wine, Christmas baubles, and other things. 

Then, there are Mother’s Day hampers that can include candles, toiletries, homeware, etc. Birthday hampers are also popular and can include everything that qualifies for birthday presents. Let’s not forget baby hampers for newborns that include clothes, feeders, baby wraps, stuffed toys, etc. 

There are various kinds of gift bundles that you can choose to present to your loved ones. Meanwhile, you have the option of getting a pre-decorated hamper or making it from scratch. 

DIY Hamper Checklist

When making your decision on what to put in a hamper, you’ll have to think about the person you are giving it to. Then think about your budget. This will help you decide how many items you can buy or what your limitations are in terms of spending. 

In a perfect world, we would all go above and beyond to make them feel special. But in reality, we all have restricted time and budgets. However, we truly believe that if you wish, you can still put together a luxurious hamper if you pre-plan it.   

We have prepared a DIY checklist for you to easily make a luxurious hamper for any occasion.

  • Recipient

Who’s it for? The recipient is the core of your gift hamper. It should be for them and about them. You need to find out about their likes and dislikes before shopping for items. 

If your purpose is to make a luxurious gift hamper for your husband who is lactose intolerant, you should refrain from adding milk-based treats. Or for a friend who doesn’t drink tea, there’s no point buying assorted tea for them. So it’s best to take these little details into account, plus it shows how thoughtful you are. 

  • Theme 

A theme holds all the individual elements of your hamper together. Choose a color trust us, it accentuates the whole hamper tremendously. Pick items keeping that color in mind. 

You could also opt for specific themes like their current obsession, hobby, personality, etc. Want some inspiration? If the recipient is a person who loves being pampered, get your hands on their favorite candles, skincare products, linens, towels, and flowers. Nothing like a pamper hamper!

  • Budget 

Your budget will do most of the groundwork for you. Firstly, make a list of the essential items you want to include in the hamper. Find out how much they cost. Factor in additional elements such as décor supplies too. 

The key thing is to keep your budget in mind. It will guide you to split all the content costs accordingly. A great example is to turn to homemade elements, such as baking. It adds more value to the hamper while staying within budget. 

  • Basket Size 

Here you have options. Purchasing the basket should be one of the last things you do when making a DIY gift hamper. You want to ensure that the basket will accommodate all the items you want to include. 

The right amount of space is required for everything to fit in. There are baskets of all sizes, but if your pockets are tied, pick a smaller basket and fill it with items afterward.

  • Delivery Method 

Once you have put everything together, you have to decide how you want to give it to the recipient. If you are taking it to a party, it’s an easy decision – just take it with you. 

However, you could be sending it to another city or town. You have to then get in touch with delivery companies who can safely deliver it to the recipient’s address. 

The delivery method will affect the weight, size, and contents of the hamper. If you have a cooked meal, it’s best to hand-deliver it.

Decorating Your Hamper

Usually you present hamper gifts in a wicker basket filled with wood wool, which then you wrap with cellophane and decorated with plastic ribbon. You can buy all these materials together in ‘make your own hamper’ kits. 

However, you might want to consider something a little different, not only because it can result in a more beautiful and personal gift but because it can be kinder to the environment.

  • Basket

Try to source a wicker or woven basket that could be reused. You can look around your house to find a container that could turn into a basket. Cardboard boxes are great for hampers too. It can be decorated according to your theme as well.

However, if you want to purchase one, pick one that does justice and uplifts your entire presentation. You could squeeze in a plant pot that adds to the decor and is a gift item itself. Or add flowers in a vase that could be reused by the recipient. 

Flowers add so much value to hampers, not just because they are pretty, but because they are meaningful too. The point is to get a basket that you can make the most of. 

  • Filler 

You’ll need filler for your gifts to be arranged in the basket. For instance, shredded paper or biodegradable wood wool are all great ideas for fillers. You just have to make sure that every item is sitting or standing tight and not wobbling around. The DIY route is to do it with scrunching paper, which you may have at home or your office. 

  • Wrap 

There are hampers with and without wraps. This is not a necessity. It depends on how you want to present it. 

If you want to make it luxurious, you could buy wrapping paper to make it pretty. Cellophane is fine too; in fact, its transparency contributes to the look of the hamper. 

There are wraps made from organza material that are fancy and eco-friendly. If you want to keep all the items a surprise, you could wrap items individually or cover the whole hamper with wrapping fabrics.  

  • Ribbon 

This is like a cherry on top. Just add a cute ribbon to add the gift factor to your hamper. Ribbons are available everywhere. You could pick a color that complements your theme or occasion.


Making a DIY gift hamper on a budget is more fun than you can imagine. It’s like a school project that seems like a task but you end up having the most fun with. 

If planned accordingly, you don’t have to stress about this DIY project. Think of everything that you want to include, then ready, set, go! It’s all about showing your love and appreciation for a loved one, so make sure that your efforts come through. Have fun!







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