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Party Planning Geared Towards Children Under 5

Today’s parent likes to celebrate! And birthday’s are no exception. Children’s birthday parties are bigger and more extravagant than ever and are no longer reserved for just the milestone years. Each birthday brings another jaw-dropping, fun-filled celebration with it. Check out these party planning ideas for your next party.

Dylan Glanzer, Entertainer and Owner of Parties by Dylan & Company, has shared her favorite party planning ideas with us. If you’re struggling to come up with fun and entertaining ideas for our littlest birthday boys and girls, check out the following pins that Dylan found on Pinterest for games and themes geared toward kids under the age of 5.  Just click on the image to view and re-pin these fabulous party ideas!

Kids Party Ideas on Pinterest

Parents are clamoring for something new and different all the time so they can throw a party that not only their young child will enjoy, but one that their friends will talk about – and have fun wtih too. My parties are musical, completely interactive and have something engaging for children ages 1 – 5.


We love parachutes! These are what they sound like, but no jumping out of planes needed to enjoy them. They are great for kids to sit on while we pull them around for a ride or hide under while we make a tent. You can get books with ideas on how to use them with games for all ages. For parties, these can be used indoors or out. They were great for gym in schools, so why not for home parties? Or just use a bed sheet and play at home for the same kind of experience.


Who doesn’t love bubbles? And I have heard the rule: No bubbles inside! C’mon mom! These bubbles are non-staining, non-stinging and you can control the mess cause you only need to use a teeny amount to blow tons of bubbles. I am talking about my secret: Gymboree Bubble Oodles! I call them “magic bubbles” because you can actually catch them! You need to use their blower and solution, but it is totally worth it. I have seen babies, teens, and adults get fascinated as they catch these wonderful, tiny miracles. Time to Play!

Party Themes

I loved this pin! Parties can be fun when we theme it. Favorite books make awesome themes. How about this theme of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar?” I love Eric Carle. His books are so creative and colorful. In this pin, all the gorgeous food uses the book to make a healthy but fabulous spread for a party. I have a puppet that I use to tell this story at parties and preschools where the kids “feed” the caterpillar all the pretend food and the puppet turns over into a butterfly!

Party Planning Ideas

A wonderful site called Cutest Little things offers creative theme and decorating ideas. If you love to make things quaint and colorful, this is for you!

What are some of your favorite party planning ideas?

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