Thanksgiving is almost here, with Christmas and more holidays right around the corner. Some of us aren’t chefs in the kitchen, or even cooks for that matter. Our idea of making dinner is picking up sushi or takeout on the way home. You’re on your way to a big holiday gathering and don’t want to be the “shrimp or veggie tray” guest yet again, so what can you do?

Put together a gift bag or basket for the host who is throwing the grand get together. They are providing the home, the food, and the chaos of cleaning up after everyone else is full and heading home, so give them a little something to say thanks. Here are some idea’s for the holiday hostess

Gift Guides For the Holiday Hostess

Scented Candle

Umm … the name of this scented candle already has our mouths watering. Grab a delicious candle in her favorite dessert flavor so she can savor it all year round.

Wine Glasses

Every woman is always in need of a new set. Parties and one tipsy swipe of the hand and off the counter one goes. Wine glasses with a bottle to fill them will bring her a smile.

Pretty Ornament

Get your gal pal a gorgeous holiday ornament. Try to find one with embellishments or glitter, so that it catches her eye when she plugs in the tree lights!

Cocktail Guide

A cute little cocktail book is the perfect coffee table companion for your haute holiday hostess. We’ll take a Cosmo, please!


We’ve declared cooking and baking might not be our strong point, but a special and fresh dessert from the local bakery takes a lot more thought than picking one up at the local grocery.

Serving Dish

So you aren’t the master of cooking, you might as well tell your hostess thank you by bringing something for her to serve her beautiful and delicious dishes in.

Call it cliché, but nothing says thank you like a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will smell amazing and last days after the exhausting event of hosting. Just make sure you know her favorites.

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