Christmas Lights “Extraordinaire”

Christmas Lights Extraordinaire

The average family can indeed create an extraordinary outdoor Christmas lights, without having to hire someone to do it! Just use a little ingenuity, some family teamwork, and a few hours on a sunny day, and your work will speak for itself. Having a step ladder, small ladder, duct tape, wire twisties, and Christmas light hooks will prepare you for the project.

Christmas Lights Extraordinaire

Here are just a few easy-to-do ideas to get you going:

Create a willow tree

Just take as many outdoor lights as you can find and drape them from the branches of your trees. Don’t follow the branches, but allow them to fall gracefully almost to the level of the ground.

Tomato cage tree

You can buy tomato cages (the things that tomato plants climb up) almost any time of the year. Wrap a long tree garland intertwined with lights around it, starting at the top and working down. You can leave some space between rows. Add an extension cord, and stand it near your front door.

The basics

It’s easy to come up with your own unique design for the front entry of your house, if you include the basic elements. A wreath can be decorated with whatever you really like—candy canes, poinsettias, ribbons, toys, etc. Encircle the outside of the door opening with tree garland. Add to the points of interest of your front entry with anything red, any kind of bow, and lights of any size and any color.

A glow in the window

Any type of string lights surrounding the window will add warmth to the look of the home. They don’t even have to be hung outdoors for the illumination to show outside.

The simplicity or ornateness of your home’s outdoor Christmas light display will depend on your budget, time, and talents. While decorating outdoors though, it’s important to remember safety. Have someone holding your ladder and handing you the necessities, so that another person is making sure you’re stable and balanced. Keep an eye on what the kids are doing as well.

When dealing with electricity, be vigilant to avoid shock. Wait until the lights are hung, then add extension cords, and then plug in the electricity. No holiday is jolly if you have an injury from handling hot lights!! But that night, while drinking hot chocolate, your family will be joyful to see the extraordinary work they’ve done.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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