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Decorating Your Dining Room On A Budget

Decorating your dining room on a budget for the upcoming holidays doesn’t have to be expensive. With a couple of tips on how to stay within your budget, you can be well on your way to having an elegant space. The key is to be resourceful and creative!

Table Runner

Use an elegant table runner for your dining room as a base for your centerpiece. The good thing about a table runner is that you can use the same table runner year after year, just wash it after the holiday season!


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Elegant Centerpiece

Create an elegant centerpiece by reusing pieces already in your home! Take beautiful vases and fill them up with colorful ornaments. Also incorporate candles with tall candle holders and place in the center of your table. The end result will be a very rich looking feeling.


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Pine cones

Another great use for pine cones is to use them on display! Dip pine cones in gold, red, or green paint partially or all the way (you can also use a spray can to color pine cones). Use the pine cones and fill vases, bowls, or baskets. This will add a sparkle to your dining room.


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Chair Decor

Create another dimension of elegance by wrapping bows around your dining room chairs. You can find inexpensive ribbon at the craft store and secure the bow with tape or glue to get the look you desire.


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Lastly, use candles to create an elegant feel. The best way is to stock up after a holiday season for the next holiday season! Go for a variety of different styles and sizes.


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Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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