As a homeowner, you know that a major home repair can put a dent in your budget. Heating and cooling systems are not an inexpensive purchase. Proper maintenance plays a large role in keeping your system functioning at its optimum level for many years. A dirty filter makes your system work harder. This in turn, can increase your monthly utility bill.

Protect Your Family and Your Budget With Furnace Filters

Regularly changing the filter is something that should be on your home maintenance schedule. The time frame for changing the filter varies. The information you received when you purchased the furnace probably has a time frame guideline for changing the filter. In general, whole house filters should be replaced every three to six months. Fiberglass filters should be changed every 30 days and pleated filters every 90 days. For your convenience, some sites such as Your Filter Connection will set up a schedule, on the time frame you request, to have replacement furnace filters automatically sent to you.

Keeping your family healthy requires that you take specific measures to assure that they eat a healthy diet and get the proper amount of exercise. Keeping the air inside of your home free of pollutants can also help your family members stay healthy. Frequent visits to the doctor can dent the budget. Replacing your furnace filter to keep the indoor air clean is a cost-effective, proactive way to reduce allergies and make life easier for a family member with asthma.

Regardless of how much effort you put into keeping your home clean, there are dust particles that will linger in the inside air. If you share your home with a pet, there’s also going to be a certain amount of pet dander in the air. Mold spores and pollen can linger inside of your home and ultimately cause health concerns for you or your family. A furnace filter will pull these unhealthy pollutants from the air. It is essential that your filter be changed regularly so that it can function at its highest capacity to keep your home environment clean.

It is recommended that you purchase a filter with the highest MERV rating to assure that you are getting the maximum amount of benefit from your filter. It’s best to shop at a site that has a wide selection of filters for name brand units and experts available to guide you to the best filter for your home.

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