Summer on the Patio
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Get Your Patio Ready for Summer and Entertaining

Can you think of anything more enjoyable than the sun shining warmly on your face or the soft, cool breezes on a warm summer night? In addition, how can there be a better way to enjoy summer than in your own backyard on the patio?  First…
Create DIY Light Fixtures

7 DIY Lighting Tips to Transform Your Home

We often talk about how choosing the right lighting can transform your home, but one of the best ways to do that is through DIY lighting options. Rather than choosing something generic or that any other homeowner might have, it's a great way…
Natural lighting is so important to the interior of the home.

Natural Lighting; How To Increase Daylighting at Home

Many people are blessed with having a home filled with natural lighting, where even the darkest corners of every room seem to be as bright as everywhere else. However, for people living in small apartments, or houses without many windows, it…
Ways to Improve Your Home Security on a Budget

Home Security: Keep Your Home Safe on a Budget

One of the most important things to all homeowners in all walks of life is home security. Your home is the place where you will make memories, learn, and grow with your family. However, everything comes with risk, and being a homeowner is no…
4 Steps to Achieve Better Landscape Lighting

4 Steps to Achieve Better Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting makes a huge impact on your home. You paid a lot of attention - and probably money - for your landscape design, so it's only natural you want it to shine. Luckily, there are a lot of products on the market today designed…
Save Money with LED Lighting Design

Lighting Design: How LED Lights save More Money

Lighting design consistently evolves over time. Gone are the days of traditional incandescent lights. When they were popular, there weren't a lot of options, so people were forced to live with the drawbacks. Today, halogen, fluorescent and…
Home Exterior Lighting Tips That Add Beauty and Security

Home Exterior Lighting Tips That Add Beauty and Security

Your home is your castle and you never want to feel unsafe. Should you become the victim of a burglary, however, you will lose your sense of security. If you have little ones, the fear following the incident can paralyze them. One thing burglars…
How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom Design
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Relaxing Bedroom Design; Tips on How to Achieve It

Your bedroom is meant to not only be a place in which you sleep but also a place in which you can relax. It is meant to be your little sanctuary away from the hecticness of day to day life. However, because we don’t tend to spend as much…
Tips for Restaurant Design
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5 Restaurant Design Tips for Success

Restaurants are havens for people to dine, relax, connect and have a good time.  The perfect restaurant design should consequently be an environment that agrees with the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer.  The starting…
LED LIGHTING How to Get the Right Color

LED lighting – How to Get the Right Color Temperature

LED lighting has revolutionized the residential lighting industry. With all of the good qualities that LED lamps bring to the table, color is not one of them. We all know that an LED lamp is much more energy-efficient than an incandescent which…
LED Lighting the Future of Home Design
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How Important is Technology for the Future in Home Design?

This blog post is a part of Blogging Competition organized by CGTrader, all opinions are my own. This competition is a call for all bloggers interested in design to join the discussion about the future of design. Technology has changed every…
Ways to Make Your Front Yard Beautiful
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Front Yard Tips to Make Your Home Beautiful

As a homeowner, you have to maintain your property for various reasons. These reasons include resale value, neighborhood association rules, or simply because you take pride in it. The front yard is what typically stands out most. There are…