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3 Types and Styles of Contemporary Living Room Lighting

Types and Styles of Contemporary Living Room Lighting

Living room lighting involves three basic types. One is ambient lighting, the second is task lighting, and the third is accent lighting.

  • Ambient or overhead lighting covers the entire room.
  • Task lighting directs you to a particular task or project.
  • Accent lighting highlights specific objects of interest.

Of course, within these three categories of lighting, there is a universe of creative and fantastic options. Here are some ideas that I hope inspire you to design your interior with new and exciting living room lighting.

Bright Ideas for Living Room Lighting

Living room lighting accent lights with ambient lighting

Image Source

   Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting solutions, also known as general or overhead lighting, are meant to cover your entire room with light. This category of lighting consists of chandeliers, hanging pendants, wall-mounted fixtures, and the modern recessed or track lights.

Living room lighting pot lights and hanging lights combine for ambient lighting

Image Source

This living room is a great example of ambient lighting. Moreover, it incorporates both recessed lights and a transitional hanging fixture. This combination gives a wonderful glow across the room with the recessed lights while the hanging transitional light adds illumination to the conversation area beneath it.

   Task Lighting

Task lighting is designed to assist you with individual projects and tasks and it fits nicely in smaller areas in which you read, cook, or groom. They are also very helpful with projects such as jewelry making or sewing. Look for task lights that are free of excessive glare and annoying shadows for a higher quality experience.

Living room lighting task lights for reading

Image Source

A simple floor lamp in the right spot with an overstuffed lounge chair and ottoman paints a picture of cozy reading comfort with just the right level of lighting.

   Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is an excellent technique to use when you have items you want to emphasize. Use it as an integral part of your interior design by shining it on plants, statues, paintings and other objects of interest. This is also an effective lighting source for your outside objects of focus such as landscaping, pathways, or a water fountain.

Living room lighting recessed accent lighting

Image Source

This recessed accent lighting creates an unusual and artistic statement wall with its light wood recessed into a grey wall with black borders. This technique can be used in rooms with enough space to build out from the existing walls to create this beautiful display.

Use these lighting techniques to upgrade or redesign your living room lighting. Remember that you may layer different types of lighting around your living room for your own unique design. As always, before proceeding with your new lighting design, make a list of each member of your household to ensure their needs are met for years of enjoyment for your entire family.

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