Daylighting is the use of windows, skylights, and other methods to bring natural sunlight into your home. There are wonderful benefits of natural light in your home which include a healthier, happier family and lower energy costs. We encourage you to consider the value of increased natural light and refer to window experts for professional help for effective daylighting throughout your home.

The Natural Benefits of Home Daylighting


A home with optimized daylighting helps us see better, think with clarity, sleep better, and maintain an overall feeling of well-being and contentment. Below are three things to consider when you want to bring more natural sunlight into your home.

Sunlight Types and Levels

Direct sunlight is sunlight that comes into your house from outside. Direct sunlight is bright and cheerful but creates uncomfortable glare until it becomes ambient light. Ambient light is reflected light. Natural sunlight enters your home, hits a wall or floor to be reflected in the ambient light that fills the interior of your home with a soft, comforting glow. Light intensity is the level of light. The right intensity of natural, bright light uplifts and energizes people while dimmer lights calm and soothe.

It is the job of a window expert to ensure that your home gets the right lighting balance you want for the health and vitality of your family. In addition to the placement of windows, additional techniques might involve skylights and similar openings.

Directions of Natural Sunlight 

Most homeowners agree that southern sunlight is the best exposure. With proper window shades and coverings to keep inside temperatures lower, the southern sun provides natural heat on cool days. You might design your home to enjoy the morning sunrise from your east windows and the evening sunset in the west. North-facing windows offer lots of natural light yet add less heat to your home. This is an added benefit during the summer months.

Use the directions of natural sunlight to adjust window treatments accordingly around your home. For instance, get more light in your bathrooms without sacrificing privacy by swapping out curtains and blinds with frosted windows. Houston window experts can help you review the options for the best fit and value for your home.

Boost Daylighting Naturally


Windows are not the only medium to use for daylighting in your home. There are other things you can do to increase the amount of natural lighting in your home.

  • Place mirrors strategically to reflect and therefore increase the natural light in your home.
  • Place blinds and curtains strategically to control when and where natural light enters your home.
  • Keep tree branches and shrubs trimmed back around the windows.
  • Plant trees where they provide shade in the summer and more sunlight in the winter.
  • Wash your windows to quickly boost the amount of healthy sunlight in your home.
  • For plenty of clear, natural light, consider the use of solar tubes.

Use this information to design the daylighting in your home for enhanced natural light throughout your home. Discuss your options with a professional window expert to get the best value and expertise for your home daylighting requirements.

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