5 Interior Design Styles
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5 Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Get Them Just Right

If it is time for you to design a room in your home, your head is probably filled with different colors and patterns right now. There are so many to choose from! Why not pick an overall style for your room? This way, you narrow down what you…
Bring BIG Style to Your Small Spaces
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Bring BIG Style to Your Small Spaces

To achieve home design perfection, every corner of your house or apartment should scream you—it should tell your story and exude your taste. That includes even small corners of your home. Small spaces are notoriously difficult to…
Clever Tips for Small Space Design
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Small Space Design – Clever Tips on Getting it Right!

Popping Color I am a fan of a white background to give the feeling of wide-openness which is necessary when designing small spaces. It sets up a calm palette as the background and lets you create the character you want with bright accessories.…
Bohemian Room Design
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Bohemian Room Design – 4 Easy Tips

The original Bohemians were refugees from central Europe, "gypsies" that set off a fashion trend in the early years of the 21st century, known as the "boho-chic". Of course, interior design follows fashion trends and the Bohemian style eventually…
A refurbished desk using the technique of decoupage medium Mod Podge.
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Refurbished Desktop Using Decoupage Medium Mod Podge

What's A Decoupage? As a designer who has added blogging to my resume, I learn something new every day. Thanks to our latest submission by one of our favorite DIYers, Julia Reilly, I have learned what a decoupage medium is in the crafting…
Flower décor using glass vase
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3 – Tips On Flower Décor – Honoring Earth Day

Flower Décor to Brighten a Room  Keep it Simple Flower décor can add life to any room décor simply by arranging a colorful bouquet of roses in your hand. Be sure to create the shape you want and then grasp the stem tightly.…
Performing A Home Energy Audit

DIY Home Energy Audit Could Save You Money!

One of the best ways to determine whether your home is as energy efficient as possible is to have a professional home energy audit. If that doesn't fit into your schedule or budget, however, you can perform a home energy audit yourself. While…
DIY Wedding Invitations
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DIY Wedding Invitations – Tips to Consider

Wedding invitations allow you the chance to give your family and friends a preview of what your big day will be like. By creating your own unique invites, you can add personal touches that turn your cards into one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Stepping…
Kitchen designed by Patricia Davis Brown.
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Basic Tips to Lighting Your Kitchen Correctly

Those of you who know me as a designer know I am a fanatic when it comes to lighting a room correctly. One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen and there are some basic must-dos to having enough of the right kind of light. Basics…

How to Correctly Light Over The Dining Room Table

How to light over dining room tables. Where to hang a chandelier over a table, distance from the chandelier, and other design ergonomics.
Furniture layout for large living room with two symmetrical seating groups for entertaining

How to Design a Furniture Layout For a Large Living Room

Designing a furniture layout for a large room can be every bit as difficult as a small space. There are many things you will need to consider to get it right. My intention for this post is to give you the tools that will help you figure out…
traditional white cabinet interior design, range and hood design

The Open Kitchen Concept: Designing The Cooking Zone

The most popular design in kitchens today is the open kitchen concept. Due to the lack of walls in the open kitchen you need to design them in a way that creates efficiency. In yesteryear, you had four walls and on the walls were wall cabinets…