transitional guest hallway bathroom with white subway tile wainscot, light blue walls, pedestal ADA sink , tilt mirror, chrome fixtures, glass shower enclosure, and layered lighting plan

3 Tips To Making A Small Bathroom Feel BIG

Getting rid of visual barriers A small bath doesn't have to look like a small bath. There are some design tips that can help the small bath appear roomier. Remove any visual barriers - Visual barriers would be walls or bathtubs…

Helpful Tips To Reading House Plans – Don’t Miss These Details!

Details often missed by builders and architects when reading house plans regarding lighting, space planning, clearances, moldings, and room function.
lighting design guide how to with placement and beam spreads for plans and elevations
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How to Light a Vanity Correctly – A Lighting Design How To

Lighting a bathroom needs to have great consideration. This is a room where you do multiple tasks and it is important that you have the ability to see well while performing them. Hotel bathrooms are notorious for bad lighting. I'll never forget…
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Maybe You Don’t Need a Whole New Bathroom; 3 Tweaks to Give a New Look

Purchasing an old home can really take a bite out of the bank! It can be an overwhelming project to tackle all at once. It is best to take inventory of which rooms demand a full remodel and which rooms you could do a face-lift on. My story…
Asbestos Dangers DIYers Need to Consider
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Dangers DIYers Need to Consider from Asbestos

Did you know over 3,000 manufactured products contain asbestos? Why is this important? Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer with a short survival rate that is linked to exposure of asbestos. If you are thinking about remodeling a home built prior…
ADA, Adaptability, accessibility, designing for accessibility
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Designing a Home for Accessibility with Style!

My husband and I had always dreamed about living on the water and when we found a 1970's property with a dozen manatee's right off the dock, we knew we were home! We also knew the work we had ahead of us with an old property. As an interior…
formulate the right size kitchen island designer space planning ergonomics interior design materials cabinets countertops cooking
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Survive Your Remodel: A Guide To Formulating the Right Size Kitchen Island

A Guide to Formulating the Perfect Sized Kitchen Island By Patricia Davis Brown There is nothing worse than finding out after your remodel or new home construction that the kitchen island is not an efficient size for the space…
Back to School Clothes Shopping Guide

Back to School Clothes Shopping Guide

Most people are barely getting out of school and enjoying the idea of taking a break for the summer. Vacations and days by the pool are planned. This is a fun time of year for the whole family. However, before you know it, school will be here…
Home Projects You Should Not DIY!

Home Projects You Should NOT DIY

If your project puts you or your home at risk, it's probably better to hire a professional for the home projects you should not DIY.
Now’s the Time to Organize

Now’s the Time to Organize

The term "spring cleaning", to most people, means now's the time to organize! As times change, so do lifestyles. Many people are now more active throughout the year. While including extra physical activities and family outings throughout…
Keep Your Snow Thrower in Tip-Top Shape

Keep Your Snow Thrower in Tip-Top Performance Shape

Winter 2014 can definitely go down as one for the record books no matter what region of the country you call home. No state has been spared the cold and snow. So far your snow blower hasn't had much time to rest in between uses, nor does it…
Green Choice for Area Rug Cleaning

Green Choice for Area Rug Cleaning

GreenChoice Carpet makes sure that your area rug cleaning is done professionally and carefully and uses green cleaning agents to protect your home.