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6 Ways Smart Thermostats Help Protect Your Home

6 Ways Smart Thermostats Help Protect Your Home

If you want your HVAC in working order we invite you to continue reading to learn the importance of smart thermostats to protect your home.

3 Important Reasons to Invest in Home Automation

Maybe you're weighing the pros and cons of DIY smart home installation. Here are the reasons why it's smart to invest in home automation.
7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Peace of Mind 7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

If you want to improve your home security, continue reading to learn seven ways to keep your home safe while you're home or away.
6 Ways To Maximize Home Value Before A Sale

6 Ways To Maximize Home Value Before A Sale

When the time comes to sell, it is always worth considering what steps for you to take to maximize your home value to make it as attractive as possible to speed up the selling process. Here are a few steps that, by design, will maximize your…
5 Smart Home Appliances that are Worth the Investment

5 Smart Home Appliances that are Worth the Investment

Whether you’re in a brand new home or you want to upgrade, it's hard to wade through all the information to know which smart home appliances are worth the expense. While some appliances perform simple tasks, others can actually enhance your…
Smart Technology that Adds to Your Home's Value

Do Smart Technology Upgrades Add to Your Home’s Market Value?

Smart technology in homes is here to stay. In today's world, smart technology in the home is rapidly becoming the norm. But, does the installation of smart technology increase your home’s market value? That might depend on where you live. For…
Smart Home Technology

Leap Into the Future with Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Everything from washing dishes to heating the home now uses smart technology. Using technology in a responsible manner will keep you independent and help your home run efficiently and…
6 Amazing Smart Home Gadgets

6 Amazing Smart Home Gadgets You Have to Experience

Thanks to a rapid expansion of the IoT, there is a veritable explosion of smart home gadgets. With so many models available, it's difficult to know where to turn. We searched for the most interesting, useful, and innovative. Here are six…
Sustainable Housing

3 Ways to Switch Up to Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing is among the new technologies in the home building industry and is slowly changing how things are done. Today, more and more builders are making houses that are built with eco-friendly design and development. Believe…
Entertainment Systems with Design in Mind

Entertainment Systems that Enhance Your Interior Design

If your family enjoys entertainment systems, you will be pleased to know that many audio and TV companies are stepping up their game to design truly eye-pleasing electronics. That's good news for interior design because you don’t have to…
Upgrade Your Home with Smart Features

4 Smart Features You Need in Your Home This Year

Smart features are the latest buzz in home technology and they are incredible. To think that just over two decades ago, we were all enthralled at the idea of being able to speak to someone via text message or cell phone while on the run. Now,…
Pros & Cons of Smart Home Technology

When a Smart Home Creates Friction it’s Not Smart

We live in a world dripping with technology. In every industry and at every turn, there is digital technology, Wi-Fi, the cloud – and I don’t mean the ones in the sky. Technology is something that has evolved so much in the past few decades…