Essential Facts for Installing a Deck for Your Pool

Essential Facts for Installing a Deck for Your Pool

A swimming pool is a fantastic addition but, if you also want a deck, here are the essential facts for installing a deck for your pool.
How to Select the Perfect Stain for Your Deck

3 Tips for Choosing The Right Deck Stain

Without maintenance wood decks gets too much damage. That's when you know it's time to learn as much as possible about deck stain.
Ways To Enjoy Your Deck

Some Fun & Amazing Ways To Enjoy Your Deck

Having a nice and cozy living space in the house is something everyone desires. But, when you get a nice looking deck, it just gets all the more exciting. The thing is, there are so many ways you can enjoy your deck that it's simply amazing. A…
6 Top Deck Styles

6 Top Deck Styles to Make Your Backyard a Big Hit

Why should you learn about deck styles? Because, even though summer is winding to a close, the days spent out in your backyard are not. Fall brings tailgating and bonfires. A new deck is exactly what you need to greet your guests with elegance…
10 Great Tips from San Diego Deck Repair Specialists

10 Great Tips from San Diego Deck Repair Specialists

Regular deck repair for many homeowners is a part of their exterior design maintenance. Moreover, a perfect place to learn is from the deck repairs San Diego homeowners make that can withstand extreme heat and sun exposure, as well as pool…
Image Cover How to Create Shade from the Harsh Rays of the Sun
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How to Create Shade for Summertime FUN!

Living in Florida my family and I really enjoy pool time fun. Our son Patrick, who has Cerebral Palsy, is very susceptible to heat and the pool is an activity that he and his dog Mcguire can enjoy together.  In the summer the harsh rays and…
4 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Making Your Outdoor Living Space More Enjoyable

The outdoors is a wonderful place. Living solely confined to concrete blocks is a terrible way to live – you need the soft feel of grass on your feet, and the fresh air that you can only get from the outdoors. When you have a backyard, you…
Pros & Cons for a Natural Swimming Pool
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A Natural Swimming Pool, the Pros and Cons

A lot of people are unaware that there even is an option for an all-natural swimming pool. To me, just the word natural sounds better than a chemical pool. I think anyone given a choice to have an all-natural product versus one using chemicals…
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Comparing 3 Types of In-ground Pool Construction

When you live in a warm climate you will find many people own an in-ground pool. As a designer, I am part of the design team that helps homeowners make the right decision on what materials they put into their home building project and that…
Pool Designs – Keeping it Real
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Pool Designs – Keeping it Real

Water gives me a sense of peace and I know I must be near it. I have lived in Florida my whole life and when I am in a place that is landlocked I get a feeling of claustrophobia. I'm fine for short periods of time but, if I am there for too…
Outdoor Bar Design

Outdoor Bar Ideas – Time to Take the Party to the Patio

Summer is coming and it's time for BBQ's, parties, and cocktails. Decorate your home bar and patio to take advantage of your outdoor space to the fullest.