With the temperatures rising we need ways to stay cool at home. Good HVAC and air conditioning systems are a great way to stay cool inside, but they do not offer you a lot of ways to enjoy the summer season in comfort. So, perhaps it’s time for you to design a pool. It can help you get the most out of the summer and is an excellent way to exercise. 

Swimming is gentle on the joints and great for cardio. It can help you stay fit, healthy, and well, and if you have a pool right at home you can get out there on a daily basis. Adding a pool is, of course, a big investment. You will need to make sure that it is right for your property and that you design a pool so that it meets the expectations of you and your family. 

Design a Pool for Your Home with These 5 Tactics

How To Design A Pool For Your Backyard

1. Check local regulations regarding pools. 

There are plenty of rules and regulations when it comes to installing an in-ground pool. If you do not have a fence already, that is going to have to be added. There may also be pipes or other concerns underground that would limit your options or have to be reworked before you can start laying down your pool. Bring in an expert for a quote and to help you understand your options and what you can do. If you live in a rural area with a large plot of land, you should be able to add the custom-designed pool of your dreams, but if you live in a suburban area then you must check local laws and regulations. 

2. Fresh or saltwater? 

There are several types of pools in which you may choose to invest. If you choose freshwater you are going to have to chlorinate it and use other chemicals in order to keep it clean and safe. Alternatively, you can opt for a salt-water pool. Regardless, you need the water to keep moving. Still, water becomes murky very fast, even with regular cleaning. 

3. Do not install it entirely in the sun.

Something that many homeowners do not consider is that it is important to have at least a part of the pool in the shade. When days are very hot heatstroke can happen even when you are in cooler water. The sun causes a lot of damage, and in addition to wearing a hat when you are chilling in your pool, you can easily invest in a shade solution. 

A natural way to do this is with a nearby tree, though these do increase the risk of the roots growing through your pool. If you have a smart cleaning and filtration system, you could alternatively add a veranda and grow any trailing plant over it for a beautifully cool oasis. 

4. Consider solar pool heating. 

Solar heating for your pool can double the amount of time you can comfortably swim every single season. Heated pools are very expensive, which is why most homeowners do not go for them, hoping instead that the heat of the day works to heat up the pool enough where it is comfortable.

A solar pool heater from Custom Solar and Leisure, however, can heat your pool without adding to your utility bill. The best news is that you can even get a discount. Chances are you can get a state tax credit to help offset the cost of your solar pool heater. 

Solar heating makes it easy to enjoy your pool for the whole family, without cringing at the cost every time you turn it on. 

5. Do not forget storage. 

Cleaning supplies, cleaning tools, pool cover, pool floaties – all of these take up space, which is why having storage units installed or perhaps even adding a shed is an important part of your pool’s design. It is not just the pool you need to consider, after all, it is how you can make maintenance easier. It is how to get the most enjoyment out of it. 

In conclusion.

A great pool design takes in the space that you have and thinks beyond just the hole in the ground. If you can, consider how it can either extend your existing porch or backyard patio area or if you have a blank slate to work with, how your pool can integrate with a dining and outdoor sitting area as well. This is the best way to enjoy seamless design and have a space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without ever leaving your home.

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