For the past decade, the “Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fences” dictated that any homeowner installing a swimming pool in their garden enclose it with fencing that met the country’s criteria. These rules and regulations created a need for new landscape designs for most gardens as residents decided among various materials for their structures. One of the materials and styles under consideration is the glass pool fencing.

While the laws are to protect accidental drownings, some of the fence choices are not appealing and are inconvenient. When manufacturers created glass fencing, it immediately became a fan favorite since it met all the regulations. In addition, it adds a modern flair and keeps the space open. Find out how these are also safe at In fact, listed below are the advantages of glass pool fencing for the modern homeowner.

Glass Pool Fencing Offers Advantages For The Modern Homeowner

Glass Pool Fencing for an Amazing Aesthetic

Homeowners in Australia were feeling somewhat hesitant to add a swimming pool to their gardens since these now must have a fence enclosing the perimeter. The downside was the materials were displeasing, detracting from the space and the overall appeal of the garden.

Fortunately, manufacturers came up with glass panels for fencing with or without framing, creating a more open, airy, and modern feel The trend is now popular, with many parents happy that they can keep watch over their children. Additional benefits include the follow features below.

Unobstructed view of those in the water.

The water has no obstructions when paneling is transparent for the fencing. So, while parents should always be poolside with small children, you can watch adult swimmers in the water from the patio or even from a window inside the house to ensure they remain OK.

The material allows a beautiful view of the garden surrounding when swimming instead of feeling closed in with any other material. It has the feeling of virtual invisibility, allowing the area to maintain the illusion of size and retain the overall aesthetic.

Climbing over the top.

Young kids will attempt to climb over most fences constructed of most material since they can generally find a way to grab onto a “foothold” to carry them over. A glass barrier will not offer this to a little one. They will likely find themselves slipping from the impenetrable and flat surface regardless of how they try.

Durable, strong, shatter proof.

Manufacturers create tempered materials like the glass pool fencing by Sorrento by heating the material during production to hundreds of degrees Celsius, maintaining a thickness of 12 mm durability, meaning it is shatter-proof regardless of the abuse it takes. That includes children’s attempts, extreme temperatures, and catastrophic weather conditions.

That’s more than can be said of most materials, including plastics and wood. As a result, more people choose to steer clear of these options since these aren’t as durable, plus it’s challenging to use these to the specifications required by the Australian guidelines.

A worthy investment.

You need to work with a trusted, reliable supplier to ensure the glass fencing meets compliance with the rules and regulations for safety. Non-compliance can result in severe repercussions and heavy fines. The goal of the laws is to keep kids safe, whether you have children or not. When a child in your community knows you have a pool, they tend to find their way into your garden regardless if you’re outside or if there’s someone with whom they can play. 

The glass option meets the laws for fencing and gates to assure no one will get into the area when you’re not poolside. The choice is a more expensive one than other materials, but it also requires less maintenance. For instance, conventional metal fences tend to rust as time passes, making it necessary to paint. 

These will last with merely the need to wash the surface with soap and water. There is little maintenance, repair costs, or need for replacement, ultimately saving money in the long run compared to other types of fencing. Click here for the pros of this option.

Stylish, modern, appealing.

More people are using their gardens as an extension of their home living space. With a bulky, obtrusive fence, the area would appear small and unappealing. A transparent option keeps the landscape open and airy, adding a modern architectural touch to the landscape.

Whether you’re using the pool or not, the design makes the garden aesthetically pleasing for entertaining or relaxing after a long day inside the house or at the office, especially if you’re stuck all day in a sedentary position staring at a computer.

It’s a requirement according to Australian law that pools have the addition of fencing around the pool. These stringent rules and regulations started nearly a decade ago. Now, they are continuing to update those regularly to protect small children from accidental drowning in swimming pools. Sadly, that had become a common occurrence until the development of th Australian guidelines.

Unfortunately, homeowners didn’t like the obtrusive fencing surrounding their pools. Of course, many were bulky and unattractive. Still, it’s important to have the benefit of cool water in the warm temperatures to relieve the heat. So, now there’s a better choice with the glass pool fences.

The trend is quickly becoming the most popular option on the market. The material allows an clear view of the water, making it easier to watch those swimming. Plus, the swimmers naturally enjoy the surrounding beauty.

In conclusion.

While it might prove a bit more budget-draining, the investment is worth it in the long run. The material is durable, shatter-proof, strong, with no need for replacing, minimal maintenance, only an occasional wash with soap and water. In addition, the contemporary flair that these fences bring allows you to extend your indoor living space to the outdoors. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links that will take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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