Did you recently buy a house with a swimming pool but don’t know how to maintain it? Swimming is a great exercise that works the entire body. Not only will it build endurance, but it’ll also strengthen your lungs and heart. The best part is that it’s a low-impact workout. In other words, it puts minimal stress on the joints. This makes it ideal for those who have osteoarthritis or similar conditions.

If so, if this is something you’re interested in, we invite you to continue reading for an easy guide about to how to maintain your swimming pool.

Maintain Your Swimming Pool with This Easy Guide

Maintain Your Swimming Pool with This Easy Guide

Regular maintenance is a must when it comes to swimming pools. Neglect it for a few weeks and algae will begin to grow. Not to mention that it can become a hotbed for bacteria!

On top of that, it actually damages your pool. For example, metal parts such as screws or ladders will corrode without the right maintenance. There might also be staining or chipping of the surface.

4 Pool Care Tips That You Should Know

Want your pool to be sparkly clean? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Vacuum the Pool 

As a general rule, you want to vacuum your pool at least once a week. Make sure to work slowly so that you get the entire bottom surface.

Not only will it keep the water clear but it’ll also make your chemicals work more efficiently. On top of that, it helps control algae growth.

2. Maintain the pH Level 

Make a habit of testing your pool’s pH levels. Generally speaking, you want it to be between 7.2 and 7.8.

You don’t want it to be too alkaline as that can cause various issues. For instance, it can lead to calcium buildup in pool. It also reduces the effectiveness of chlorine, which results in bacteria growth.

3. Clean the Filter 

Check your pool filter regularly. How can you tell whether or not it’s time to clean the filter? Chances are, there will be obstruction in the drain at the bottom of your pool. There might also be an abnormal odor.

4. Check and Maintain the Water Level 

Make sure to check and maintain the water level. You don’t want it to fall below the level of the pool skimmer, otherwise, it will damage the pump.

Consider adding more water if the level is low. Don’t add too much, though because that also causes problems with the skimmer.

Taking Care of a Pool 

As you can see, there are several things to do when it comes to maintaining your swimming pool. So, follow these tips for the best results all summer long. Doing so will ensure uninterrupted summer fun for you, your family, and friends.

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