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How To Avoid DIY Accidents At Home

How To Avoid DIY Accidents At Home

If you do a lot of DIY at home, continue reading to learn a few good tips about how to avoid DIY accidents at home.
6 Hobbies That Are Easy And Fun To Pick Up

6 Hobbies That Are Easy And Fun To Pick Up

If you don't have interesting hobbies to talk about, that's OK because we're bringing you six hobbies that are easy and fun to pick up.
Makeover Your Home the Stylish DIY Crochet Way

Makeover Your Home the Stylish DIY Crochet Way

Crocheting is one of the most creative of all hobbies and is all you need to give your home a stylish DIY makeover the crochet way.
Super Glue, the Unsung Hero of DIY

Super Glue, the Unsung Hero of DIY

If you do a lot of DIY or love to create, then it's wise to keep a tube of super glue on hand. It has a range of uses, and there are different types of super glue you can buy with different functions. With this in mind, let’s take a look…
3 Specialized Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

3 Specialized Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you’re a contractor by trade, or you just enjoy working on DIY projects in your free time, you need the right specialized tools to get the job done. What you might not realize is just how much some tools can change the way you do…
Guidelines for Air Compressor Winter Prep & Operation

How to Prepare and Operate an Air Compressor during Winter

An air compressor works best in a properly-ventilated area at ambient temperature as required by the compressor. The fuel in the air compressor may become sludge during the winter. When that happens, the thick fuel requires more energy to…
Things to Know About MIG Welders for Your Next Project

Welding with a MIG Welder; the Advantages & Benefits

Welding is both a dangerous and exciting medium. You’re melting, bending, and shaping metal, and it’s not something that everyone knows how to do. Whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been doing it for a while, working with thinner…
Favorite Hobby

Launch a Career with your Favorite Hobby

If you have a hobby, then you know they are a way to distract us, give us something new to learn, and get a sense of accomplishment. For those of us who work all week, hobbies help us enjoy ourselves and give ourselves a get-away from…
How to Select the Right Woodcutting Tools

Top Woodcutting Tools for Your Designing Projects

Woodcutting tools are the cornerstone of beautiful creations that enhance and beautify your home and the right tools are very important. Do you ever think about building your own furniture? Or, do you want to take the family out during…
How to Monetize Your Quilting Hobby

How Quilting Crafters Monetize Their Hobby

Quilting to some is a hobby, a pastime, but for others, it is a passion. Turning your passion into a business is a smart thing to do. It's important with any crafting for business purposes that you keep your material costs down. After talking…
A Craft Room that Inspires
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Craft Room Ideas To Help You Get it Right

Crafters know what makes a good craft room and that is an organized space, but what is equally important is designing a space that inspires. Arts and crafts start with an inspiration so whatever inspires you to create you want to make sure…