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How to Be Fashion Forward Standout at the Party

Be Fashion-Forward with the Unexpected

We know what you’re thinking, your go-to little black dress or that smoking suit you can’t go wrong with. They are both delicious party outfits that will make you look the part at any Christmas party. But they are also a little, well...…
Off the Shoulder Top Trends for 2017

Fashion Top Trends – The Off the Shoulder Tops are Crushing it!

What I love about the off the should summer top trends is that it says, "confidence". This style is feminine, sexy, and offers different cuts to meet everyone's comfort needs when it comes to showing a little or a lot. Summer 2017 is showing…
Teen Fashion Trends and Social Media

Teen Fashion Trends and Social Media

The life of a teen is filled with lots of stress. Through these pivotal high school years, decisions need to be made. "Where am I going to college? How are my grades progressing? That boy I've had my eye on, is he the one? Oh, my appearance."…
Summer Tips - How to Look and Feel Good

Summer Tips – How to Look and Feel Good

With summer on the way, your vacation time is when you want to look your best. Whether you are planning to lounge around in your backyard with a good book and a cocktail, or you have a holiday destination in mind, you want to look and feel…
Ways to Dress Up Your Jeans

Jeans – Quick Tricks to Dress Them Up

What would life be like without jeans? It’s hardly worth thinking about. What would you wear when you just want something quick and easy? Jeans are a fashion item that never fails - no matter what the occasion, they always seem to be able…
Spring Fashion Trends

Hot Spring Fashion Trends for 2017

Spring is here and we are already starting to see some spring fashion trends for 2017. Not only that, but prom season is in full gear and I've seen some absolutely stunning prom dresses already! Some are similar to previous years,…
Plus Size Fashion is Sexy

Plus Size Fashion is Sexy and Soaring in Popularity!

For many years, plus sizes were unfortunately pushed to the margins of the mainstream by the fashion industry. Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy spoke out about her initial forays in her studies of fashion design and how she ultimately…
Fall 2014 Shoe Trends

Fall 2014 Shoe Trends

Looking for some new shoes and wondering what’s hot this fall? Well, according to Christine Fellingham’s article for www.courier-journal.com, there are lots of new and exciting things going on in the shoe fashion world. Boots will…
Style Yourself With Spring Trends

Style Yourself With Spring Trends

What's fresh for this spring season is an array of bright colors, fun accessories, and bold new hairstyles and lip color trends. Spring trends are here!