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Fashion Top Trends – The Off the Shoulder Tops are Crushing it!

What I love about the off the should summer top trends is that it says, “confidence”. This style is feminine, sexy, and offers different cuts to meet everyone’s comfort needs when it comes showing a little or a lot. Summer 2017 is showing off shoulders for summer and I am one that had to comply. I just ordered two styles and I can not wait to show some shoulder. This fashion choice is perfect for summer’s hot temperatures so let’s talk what’s available in all the different cuts.

Which Fashion Top Trends Off the Shoulder Look Do You Like?

Smocked Top Trends

These top trends work great for me. Because I am small framed. The fashion I wear needs to be fitted. The smocked design gives enough tailor fit to it that I am not lost in the fabric. If I wear too flowy of a top or dress it ends up wearing me.



Fashion Top Trends - Off the Shoulder Tops are Crushing it in Summer 2017 Fashion Must Haves

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The Cold Shoulder Style

Don’t let the name fool you. The cold shoulder look is a flirty look and I love that. You can also find this style in a more conservative look like an oxford shirt which could possibly be worn for work and with a few modifications morph into a night out with friends.


Fashion Top Trends - The cold shoulder style has just enough flirt to it.

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Off The Shoulder Crop Top

The off the shoulder crop top is perfect to wear with shorts or a flowy skirt with sandals. You will be the fashion hit at any cookout and at the same time keep cool in the hot summer temperatures.

Fashion Top Trends - Off the shoulder crop top.

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Off One Shoulder Top

The off one shoulder top is sexy! The added ruffles really elevate the bold look of this top. Ruffles should be worn with pencil legged pants as the heaviness of the ruffles needs to be balanced with slender legs.

Fashion Top Trends - One-Shoulder-Ruffle-Blouses-And-Shirts-Elegant-Blue-Striped-Off-Shoulder-Tops-Female-Shirt-Long-Sleeve-Ruffle-Top

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So join this year’s fashion party and get the hottest top trends happening, off the shoulder tops.

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