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Modern Dining Chairs to Impress
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Modern Dining Chairs that will Impress Your Guests

Most people don’t think too much about their dining room chairs until they're about to be the host of a party. All of a sudden, you’re noticing that the seats of your chairs are creaky, the legs are uneven, and one of them looks water stained.…

Making The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

Make the Most of Summer The summer months are all too short especially if you live in a cold state. Before you know it, you'll be breaking out the snow shovel and winter gear. The sooner you get your yard into to shape the sooner you can…
Spicing Up Your Home With Scandinavian Furniture
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Spicing Up Your Home With Scandinavian Furniture

The essence of Scandinavian furniture can be traced back to the designs that prevailed in the 1950s in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The key aspects of the design are light color, ample use of wood, minimalism and functionality.…
Summer barbeques

Fabulous Barbeques For The Summer

I love to encourage outdoor living and there's nothing more exciting than fabulous barbeques. Spending time outdoors is huge mood booster.
Fantastic Stone Patios

Fantastic Stone Patios

Outdoor gatherings and celebrations is really what makes the summer great. Patios are the perfect place to host your gatherings and your designs are limitless. Also, stone patio's tend to look very upscale and classic and the design inspirations…
Stylish Ideas For Universal Design

Stylish Ideas for Universal Design

Here are some idea's on how to make your kitchen or bathroom stylish, and even featured below how simple it can be to make a walkway look perfectly lovely.
Black And White Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Black and White Kitchen and Dining Rooms

There is something about black and white together that comes off as minimalist and often elegant. Here is a black and white kitchen and dining room.
Stylish Wooden Pocket Doors

Stylish Pocket Doors

Though you may tuck away those pocket doors away doesn't mean that they aren't ever closed and in the open to view and you want those pocket doors to be stylish and match the decor and suit the mood of that room! Wooden doors for a rustic…
Ways to Trim Your Ceiling

Tons of Ways to Trim Your Ceiling

You can make the ceiling the focus point of your room. Look up and trim your ceiling for a unique way to make a room pop. Read to learn more tips!
Inspiring Craft and Sewing Rooms

Inspiring Craft and Sewing Rooms

Sewing rooms have been around for thousands of years. They are both attractive and useful. This article is all about inspiring craft and sewing rooms.