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Past times are important for people in such a busy career driven world, so it’s important to find a hobby to exercise that down time.  Crafts, sewing, and Arts have been around for generations and the reason they still exist is because they really are a relaxing and gratifying way to pass your time.  Unfortunately, a lot of space and storage is really necessary to execute and enjoy this activities.  (I know my scrap booking habits would often take up our whole kitchen for weeks at a time when I was focused on a project.)

In this post there are going to be examples of  how important table space can be, great storage suggestions, and unorthodox concepts to make the room functional, yet fun.

Storage Suggestions

The thing about arts, crafts, and sewing is that it really does take up a lot of space.  Listed below are several inspirations on how you can ulitize large, small, or medium rooms.

Need space but in confined area, while also appearing attractive to your rooms theme?  Find a large (or small) cabinet where you can store all of your supplies.  It won’t take up as much space and when you close the doors no one will be none the wiser as to where all of your craft making items exist.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

The photo below shows a room that is color coordinated and creates a charming mood while still remaining functional.  There are drawers everywhere to organize and store all of your necessary items, but because they are under the tables and against the walls it leaves more table space to write, cut, paste, sew, or draw.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

This posh looking room, which appears it was once a dining area or maybe a den even has been modified with a huge table to play creatively, but what’s given this room that ability is the ingenious usage of shelves in the background.  The shelving across the wall give plenty of room to store supplies, but it also opens up the room drastically.  This gives you the option of taking even a small room and devising a way to store your items expanding working area.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

The Importance Of Table Space

The need for table or working space is a necessary evil, so even if you’ve utilized and used some of our tips on storage suggestions, one is going to need table space whether it be to draw, to sew, to scrap book, or any other craft.  If you have a large room, have fun with it and decorate doing any theme that strikes your fancy.  Here are some visual inspirations for you below.

The room below has been used for a sewing room, but just as easily could be swapped for a different craft or project.  The space on the table allows sketching , cutting materials, and comparing different color palates against each other.  Because of the all the space available it makes this option possible.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

The photo below shows a brilliant conception of applying the lessons of shelving and drawer storage.   In the meantime, there is still plenty of space for the table, and yet the room still remains pleasant to look at.  Everything in the room is cohesive, and so the work space is not just functional, but attractive.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

Unconventional Concepts

When you’ve learned ways to work with small spaces, have shelves, cupboards, and can conceive a way to work a large table for workspace why not have a little fun with your craft room?  The point of the room is for hobby purpose, so why not be innovative and inspired.

The picture featured below has been adopted into a sewing room, but when you view it initially one could easily mistake it for an office or even a fancy kitchen with an island with custom cabinetry.  The shelves and cupboards already built into the walls, and the clever island type desk, makes your room practical yet completely unconventional.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

This sewing room has a sense of humor about itself but also serves as a completely practical workspace.  This room was custom designed for someone who enjoys sewing and needed extra space in a small room.  The table space is limited, but if not for this genius creation there would be even less space.  If you use your imagination your options are limitless.


(Dig This Craft Room On Pinterest)

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