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You can make the ceiling the focus point of your room. Look up  and trim your ceiling for a unique way to make a room pop.

Go modern with textures, or use panel pattern patterns to express your unique vision, or be wild and inventive with 3D designs!

Make Your Ceiling Pop With Panels

Panels are all about trim. But you can add more interest with color blocking, or putting the focus on specific sections on your ceiling.

This point of view breaks up the room, but also draws a guest’s eye to the ceiling, by making these panels pop with color.  This is a great idea for a sitting room, but would also be lovely in a kitchen or dining area.


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This bedroom is luxurious with the beautiful chandelier and the simple color yet exciting design between the wood panel trim.  The hint of blue pops with color on the wall, making the room a fully thought out idea for a graceful girl.


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The panels featured on this ceiling below are not only multicolored making them the centerpiece of the room, but stand apart by using different shapes.  This multitude of colors and shapes leaves the rest of the room open for creative incentive.


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Create A Mood With Textures

Using original textures is your chance to be inspired and experiment and find something that’s unique only to you, and can not only define the essence of your room, but make it set the mood.

The textured ceiling below uses trim to create a pattern, with an effortless and yet elegant design making this an upscale and classically beautiful design for a living room or perhaps a dining area.


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Use 3D To Give Your Room Life

3D conception is exciting, interactive, and gives a room design a feeling of life.  It is your moment  in design to be innovative and try something completely different.

The design aesthetic on this ceiling could be used for an extravagant foyer or perhaps a wine room, or even dining area.  Certainly a large room that you’d like to make a statement in.  This design could is delicate and elegant, almost an art piece.


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The trim in this room is severe yet graceful.   The minimalist design of the room compliments the 3D ceiling creation in a very upscale way making it the object of attraction in this dining area.


(Dig This Ceiling On Pinterest)

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