Stylish Pocket Doors

Stylish Wooden Pocket Doors

Though you may tuck away those pocket doors away doesn’t mean that they aren’t ever closed and in the open to view and you want those pocket doors to be stylish and match the decor and suit the mood of that room!

Wooden doors for a rustic styled room, painted doors for the whimsical, and white for the simple, classically beautiful design decor.

Stylish Wooden Pocket Doors

Stylish Wooden Pocket Doors

There is something organically lovely about using wood in your design, and indoors within the home. Using them with this design can really strike a definitive tone or mood for your room.

These wooden pocket doors feature glass windows so the doors don’t seem so heavy, but also still allow sight to the entry hall, giving the room privacy but still remaining open to the rest of the house.

Stylish Painted Doors

Painting them to match the decor of your room is an excellent inspiration.  Using different patterns and designs they can either meld into the room as one, or stand out as a separate piece of art.

Also, black doors have an elegant pattern that draws attention to them, but also creates a line to the stylish and luxurious dining room it opens to.

Additionally, white pocket doors pop with the simple pattern and color red on the door. The pattern gives the picture of an illustrious entry way to the dining area.

Stylish White Pocket Doors

While pocket doors save space as opening to dining rooms or living space can fit in an old fashioned room or work in a modern space as well.

This simple and elegant design opens the space up with windows and the brightness of the white pocket doors makes the room beautiful in it’s entryway to the lovely sitting room behind it.

This stylish pocket door opens up to a lovely white infused bedroom. The lines on the ceiling are represented by the simplistic pattern on the door as well.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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