The front doors of our homes is the entrance to your family, your home, and the mood you’ve chosen for design. Painting your entire house a bright or wild color may seem a bit much, but focusing on your front door can be both fun and inspirational.

Using color and front doors, you can design something modern and unique.

Fabulously Painted Front Doors

With Glass Your Painted Door Becomes the Centerpiece

Glass is such a great dynamic in any form of design. With doors featuring outlandish or exciting paint designed to be complimented by a glass window on the side only reflects the color palate determined by you!

One option is a beautiful blue door in a simple, classic, and elegant design. 

Consider a door with a bold color, but one that features a glass window and two windows on the side giving it a look of class, and slightly audacious.  Bold colors are not to be used lightly, and the glass contrast works out brilliantly.

When using bright or bold colors having glass or a secondary contrast so the bold color isn’t too overwhelming and keeps the look classy is important. 

Modernize Your Home with Painted Front Doors

Fabulously Painted Front Doors

Using a modern style door doesn’t limit your options or use of color. In fact, it can give you an even more edgy look than your hipster neighbors by taking such a fearless risk.

Try an industrial style design with a large handle. Keeping it fresh and fun and certainly unique is a bright almost mustard color. With white walls contrasting it, it really makes the door an eye magnet. This inspiration could use several colors because of the simplicity surrounding it.

Another option is a retro door in all black, with a contrasting trim around it making it an adventurous contrast of modern design with a retro feel.

Capture Your Decor With Bold Colors

Fabulously Painted Front Doors

Door design or window decor to tone down the boldness of a colored door are not always necessary, sometimes a bold color that stands alone can be quite powerful and attractive all on his own.

Paint your door with a plum purple!  It sounds perhaps a little wild and crazy, but with white textured walls, and green shrubbery it turns into an attractive accent.

As simple door is brightened by a bold orange color. The house and door aesthetic is simple making the color pop and become a real source of interest, but it also compliments the trees and colors of plants and trees around it.

Another design features green as a bold color, but it’s being used in a very classic way. The trim of the door, the wreath, are all quite simple, but the color is whimsical and fun.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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