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4 Décor Mistakes That Are Easy to Make

We’re often told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is good news when you purchase furniture and décor for your home to suit your preferences and personality. However, if you were to decorate your home based on the most common…
Curtains Add Style

Hotel-Style Curtain Tracks Transform Your Interior Space

If you are looking for a way to transform your living space with accessories, you should consider using curtain tracks. Hotel-style curtain tracks are an easy, budget-friendly way to transform any living space into something more stylish and…
Decorating with mirrors.

Mirrors for Your Interior Decorating

Not having any mirrors in a house is almost as boring as not having a TV or computer. A mirror expands the space and adds light and luxury. It can be the final finishing touch on space when decorating and is a great addition to any room. Mirror…
Tips For Creating A Garden For Apartment Living

Tips For Creating A Garden For Apartment Living

Creating a garden for apartment living, is a place for urban dwellers to get close to nature. Here are some tips to get yours started today.
6 Home Decor Ideas for City Living

6 Home Decor Ideas for City Living

Perhaps you want to improve your apartment in the city. If so, continue reading to learn about six amazing decor ideas for city living.
7 Incredible Ways to Make Your Los Angeles Apartment Look Chic

Make Your Los Angeles Apartment Look Chic With These 7 Interior Design Ideas

LA is a great place to live, and if you're looking for inspiration to make your Los Angeles apartment look chic, you've come to the right place!
Ultimate Guide to Smooth Apartment Living

Ultimate Guide to Smooth Apartment Living

Moving to your first apartment? Nervous? Excited? Here's a few things you should know. Use these apartment living tips to make your life smooth and easy.
Luxury Apartment Design Trends
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2020’s Most Popular Luxury Apartment Design Trends

Just because 2020 has been a wild ride doesn't mean that your décor has to take the same detour. Let's start fresh by tackling a few apartment design projects that you've wanted to do. We're going to think about how materials, textures, patterns,…
Reversible Design Projects for Your Rental Home

3 Ways to Add Reversible Design to Your Rental Home

Living in a rental home tends to be more transient than owning a home but you still want to have a feeling of permanence and your own personal preferences no matter where you live. There are simple home decor projects that you can do to make…
Apartment Living Space-Saving Must-Haves

6 Space-Saving Must-Haves for Apartment Living

Apartment dwellers know that you have to be willing to use space-saving techniques because they are not always the luxurious layout you see on TV shows. For instance, sometimes you have to pick the cute little studio in exchange for the perfect…
5 Easy Decor Tips for Your Luxury Apartment

DIY Apartment Ideas; 5 Easy Decor Tips

Easy decor ideas are great because they keep our lives simple yet stylish. However, you might think you don't have much of an imagination for design. But, when you look around your apartment and get a new clever idea - that is your creativity…
Tips for Thriving in Tiny Apartments
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Tips for Thriving in Tiny Apartments

We are officially running out of room in cities worldwide, therefore people are forced to learn how to live in smaller spaces. Additionally, house prices have skyrocketed, and mortgage lenders now require higher deposits than ever before. It's…