Not having any mirrors in a house is almost as boring as not having a TV or computer. A mirror expands the space and adds light and luxury. It can be the final finishing touch on space when decorating and is a great addition to any room.

Mirror Décor Works for Every Room

Scaling the Mirror Size for the Wall

Like with any home décor accessory it needs to be sized and placed correctly for the best outcome. This is where working with a professional interior designer would be helpful. A designer can draw the vertical wall and lay out the wall art to determine the best placement.

Balance in design is important. When placing a mirror, you just don’t want to arbitrarily hang it anywhere. Like in a foyer entrance, you would often group a mirror with a console table.

Decorating a foyer with a mirror.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Mirrors Reflection Should be Considered

Strategically placing a mirror at the end of a hallway can have a beautiful effect on the space.  One must think about its reflection too. In many cases, the reflection could be a foyer chandelier, enhancing the overall design. Mirrors opposite each other negatively affect people’s perceptions and can be disorienting.

As one knows the sun rises in the east and sets in the west so, keep this in mind when deciding where to hang a mirror. When the sun shines into a mirror bright beams of light may reflect into the room creating blinding light that can be harsh.

Consider Safety When Hanging a Mirror

Leaning mirrors have become popular in home design, but if you have small children in the home it could pose a safety issue. In addition, a mirror’s weight needs to be considered.  A mirror that has not been properly installed is at risk of falling and shattering. Contact a licensed and insured contractor to ensure a mirror is properly and safely installed.

Create Wall Art With A Mirror

Mirrors provide great inspiration for creating wall art. One can create an intricate design on a wall with different size mirrors or picture frames. Or if you have a fireplace you might want to use a mirror to reflect the fireplace, creating a piece of art.

You might also consider creating a focal point in a dining room, especially if you are the owner of modern dining room sets. As a lot of dining room sets are pieces of art themselves, having them reflect on the wall with perhaps a set table can create a beautiful design.

Using a Mirror with Shelves or A Coffee Table

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Experiment with other mirrored surfaces, like using shelved mirrors, or even a mirrored coffee table.

Bathroom Mirrors

The mirror has become an integral part of the bathroom. Instead of just having a mirror glued to the wall, consider a decorative vanity mirror for a more dramatic look.

Decorative vanity mirror design.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Mirrors in the Bedroom

In this place, too, it has always been customary to hang mirrors or at least have a mirror above a dresser. But sometimes you can allow yourself to experiment with a space. For example, one might consider hanging mirrors above bedside tables to create the appearance of having windows on either side of the bed.

Use a Mirror in Place of a WIndow

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Mirrors on the back of doors have become popular as it allows one to get a full-length mirror without taking up any additional space on the walls or floor.

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