On average, almost 250,000 new apartments are built each year in the United States. So of course, just like you, everyone is seeking apartment living tips to make your life easier.

Apartment living is ideal for many people for many reasons. But living in an apartment also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Unlike single family homes there are often restrictions about how you can decorate your apartment. That gets a little frustrating if you love to change things up once in a while.

If that’s you, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover our top apartment living tips to make your move as smooth as possible.

Be Thorough Before Moving In

One of the keys to being successful in your first apartment starts long before you even move in. You have to thoroughly check out the place before signing any contracts or agreeing to anything. 

This is important to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. It helps you to understand the space and see any problems before moving in. 

It’s helpful to bring someone with you when you’re doing a walk-through. The extra set of eyes often see things that you don’t. Especially if you’ve already decided it’s the right place, your judgment can be clouded and make you miss things. 

A third party will also help you remember questions you wanted to ask or help you get clarifications on the contract. 

It’s also very helpful to check out online reviews from past or current tenants to get a better feel for what living there actually looks and feels like. 

Create Healthy Relationships

The major difference of living in an apartment complex than living in a stand-alone home is the close quarters with your neighbors. 

This has many benefits and can enhance your quality of life. But it can also be a pain point and source of contention if those relationships aren’t developed correctly. It’s helpful to have a good, basic understanding of apartment etiquette. 

The old golden rule is the best way to be a good neighbor in an apartment setting. Don’t do things that you wouldn’t want your neighbors to do. Pretty simple.

Chances are that there will be times when there are conflicts with your neighbors. But that doesn’t have to ruin your time in the apartment. Try to handle them as civilly and quickly as possible to continue those healthy relationships. 

Maintenance and Care Tips 

Possibly one of the biggest advantages to living in an apartment is the financial ease of not having to pay for maintenance and repairs in the space. 

But you still should do your best to take care of the space to avoid needing the maintenance man there all the time. That can also go along way to having a good relationship with your landlord. 

One of the most common maintenance problems in an apartment is plumbing. 

Whether that’s with your bathtub, dishwasher, or washing machine, there are a lot of opportunities for flooding or leaking. All of which leads to major problems that can take a lot to repair. There are certain plumbing maintenance tips you should know before moving in to take the best care of your apartment. 

Add Your Personal Touch 

The most surefire way to make your first apartment feel like home is to make it your own!

It can be tempting to not take the time or put in the effort to decorate your space since it’s much smaller and may be temporary. But that’s not going to help you feel settled and feel like it’s your own space. 

Instead, there are a ton of ways to make your space feel like home and still be renter-friendly. Adding personal touches like photographs or memorabilia from your life is the perfect place to start. 

Also, getting everything unpacked and out of moving boxes will make your space feel more permanent. 

This is your home now, so make it feel like you so you can relax and feel comfortable! 

Get Organized

The best way to make your space feel like home is to get organized. This is especially important in an apartment as your space is often more limited. 

A quick search on the internet will give you many ways to make the most of your apartment space. There are so many space-saving and smart solutions, it’s easy to get organized in your new space. 

Not only is it helpful to be organized to feel more settled in your new apartment but it’s also really important for your mental health

Having organized spaces is a proven way to lower stress and feel more control of your life. It’s also a big time-saver as you won’t spend a lot of time looking for what you need since it will have a designated home. 

Take Advantage of Surroundings 

Apartment living is different than a stand-alone house for many reasons. But one of the biggest differences is the location you’ll generally find apartments at. 

Many apartment buildings are located in more central locations, instead of suburbs or outskirts of a town. This means much easier access to the amenities of the city; shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

When you live in an apartment, make sure to take advantage of your proximity and embrace the apartment lifestyle. 

It can be easy to start to take for granted your surroundings and forget all of the fun things you can more easily do by living close to them. Make it a point to explore your area and have new experiences. 

You may not live in this type of setting forever, so take advantage while you can! 

Follow These Apartment Living Tips 

When you move into a new apartment, it can take a little while to feel like home. But following our apartment living tips will help you to get started on the right foot.

Once you’re settled in nicely, you can start to enjoy everything apartment living has to offer. Like spending less time cleaning and managing your space. Or having regular game nights with your neighbors. 

If you’re interested in more ways to make your apartment feel like home, check out our other articles below!

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