It’s a wonderful experience for your young ones to have a hand in the design of their room when they transition from nursery to big-kid room. Additionally, when designing a nursery for a baby, also include in your design the future transition from nursery to big-kid room. This gives your children space they can grow into and you don’t have to entirely redesign their room again in a few years.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you move from nursery to big-kid room.

Designing a Nursery That Will Transition

Nursery that transitions


Buy Nursery Furniture to Grow Into

If you ask your kid, they might say they want a plastic car bed or a princess bed. And when you go to the store, you’ll see tons of tiny little toddler beds covered in Disney characters. But cute toddler beds and race car beds will only appeal to your child for a few years. If you don’t want to buy new furniture in a few years, choose a metal or wooden bedroom set to last through childhood and into college. Please note that whether to buy a twin or full-size bed depends on the size of your child’s bedroom.

Let Them Have a Say

There’s no reason that your child can’t have a say in wall colors, bedding, and accents. If your child is really into dinosaurs at the moment, it’s easy enough to add wall decals and a fun bedspread. In a few years, once they’re through that phase, the wall decals can be replaced.

Comforters also come in a variety of great colors to choose from which to choose. This year they might want a red comforter, next year they might want a blue comforter. Even if the furniture and overall layout of the room stay the same, switching up colors and decorations is something that is easily done.

Choose a Delightful Theme

Having your child choose a theme is a great basis for designing the space. Instead of randomly buying items because you think your kid would like them, a theme allows you to purposefully buy items that will look good together. This is an excellent way to include your child in the transition from nursery to big-kid room.

Create Lasting Storage

Invest in a good storage system that includes space for playtime. A solid piece of storage furniture such as a bookshelf lasts for years. Then, as your child gets older, they can slowly replace their toys with their new grown-up interests without the expense of new furniture.

Design a Study Station

A study station is another area that your child can grow into. Toddlers and preschoolers can use a desk or a small table as an area where they can draw and play while teenagers use the area to complete homework. Having a dedicated area where your child can play and learn is something they’ll always need. Keep the area fun by installing a corkboard above the desk or table for artwork and photos.

Focus on the Closet

Having an organized closet space is important for children of any age. If you have an existing system in place from your child’s nursery, make sure that it still meets their current needs. If your current system consists of tiny bins meant to hold baby socks, it’s time to upgrade to bigger bins that will hold larger clothing items.

Final Thoughts

Your baby is growing up! Going from a nursery to a big-kid room is an important milestone. So, follow these tips and your child will love the new big-kid room that they can enjoy for years to come.

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