Tips On Planning Your First Born’s Nursery

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Planning Your First Born's Nursery

Design starts with inspiration and I always recommend to my clients researching publications such as Houzz or Pinterest to gather ideas of what you like or don’t like before you begin. It also helps to create an idea book which is simply a three ringed binder tabbed out with, furniture, colors, baby clothing, baby equipment, toys, and baby décor. This helps organize you while you create your baby dream nursery.

Planning Your First Born's Nursery

Color Scheme

A good source of inspiration for your nursery’s color scheme is  available with some of your top brands of paint companies. Two of my favorite sites are Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, both offering color palettes with pictures, great for DIYer’s.


Until you begin exploring baby furniture, you may not realize the many aspects there are to consider. With both aesthetics and safety in mind, silva furniture from is a good example of furniture that you can proudly and assuredly place in your nursery. Their eco-friendly nursery furniture is made from sustainably sourced wood and features a non-toxic, water-based VOC-free finish. As a parent and a designer, I always want to use green products for the home and especially when creating a safe environment for a child. To be sure the products you select for your new baby are non-toxic, visit The Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Looking Ahead

Designing your nursery can be a process that helps you get accustomed to preparing for the future. After all, almost any parent will tell you that your baby will grow up faster than you ever thought possible. Before you know it, you’ll be looking for a bed to replace your baby’s crib. By planning ahead, you can purchase a crib that has a conversion kit option. Most likely, you’re going to want to make numerous changes to the nursery decor as your baby gets older. Having chosen a crib that converts to a toddler bed, will leave extra money in the budget to redecorate the nursery to reflect your child’s growth and the emergence of its personality.

In keeping with the idea of frugality, it’s helpful to select furniture pieces such as a mini-library or storage system for toys that can be used in a variety of ways as your child grows. A nursery design that starts out with a tranquil atmosphere can transition to a colorful, exciting child’s bedroom simply by altering the paint color and some of the accessories.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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