Children and bathroom safety is of paramount importance to every homeowner. The first step to designing a safe bathroom for young children in the home is to make the room inaccessible without the supervision of an adult. However, if your young children are in the bathroom, be certain to supervise them at all times. Next, there are several hazards in a bathroom that need attention to give you peace of mind for your child’s safety in the bathroom. Here are some easy to implement tips.

4 DIY Tips for Children and Bathroom Safety


The Slippery, Wet Bathroom

To prevent drowning, never leave water in the bottom of the bathtub. Use non-skid surfaces whenever possible such on the little steps of your child’s step stool and on the bottom of the bathtub. In addition, purchase skid-resistant rugs to ensure everyone’s safety.

A non-slip mat or appliques at the bottom of the tub and a non-skid rug or bathmat on the floor next to the tub will considerably reduce accidents from slips. As an added measure of comfort, place a thick damp towel over the side of the tub during your child’s bath.

Cover the Water Spouts

To prevent injuries or burns from hot water, cover the spouts and teach your children to stay away from the spout.

Also, prevent bumps and bruises with the use of a cushioned cover for the spouts. Install childproof tub and sink knobs, so a child is not able to turn the water on.


Turn the Hot Water Temperature Down

There is no good reason to have scalding water coming out of your spouts anywhere in your home and especially not the bathroom. Keep the temperature on your hot water heater set below 120°F (49°C), or install an anti-scald valve to prevent the water from going above 120°F (49°C).

This not only prevents burns but it lowers your carbon footprint as well and that’s good for the environment as well as your children and bathroom safety.

Bring on the Child-Proof Locks

Place a lid lock on the toilet to prevent a curious toddler from drowning. Store medications and vitamins in a locked cabinet and make sure all have child-proof lids.

Also, store all sharp objects such as clippers and razors in a safe place that is out of the reach of those little, curious hands. For added measure, consider a good toilet seat lock to prevent accidents.

Everyone wants safety designed into their home so your children and bathroom safety is no exception. Follow these easy to implement DIY tips for a comfortable children’s bathroom that is safe and secure from accidents.

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