5 Tech Tips to Shoot a Terrific Video of Your Home

5 Tech Tips to Shoot a Terrific Video of Your Home

Do you want to shoot a home video that shows off your home? Maybe you want to make a real estate video to attract buyers or to simply let your friends and family see your interior design. To help you with this project, here are a few tips to…
Help Your Business Flourish 4 Web Design Tips

4 Web Design Tips to Help Your Business Flourish

You might think web design skills are an unnecessary luxury due to services that offer built-in templates for your website. However, if you pay attention to key trends and use good tactics, it improves your online presence. You might even experience…
5 Easy Tips to Enhance Your Apartment Security

Apartment Security; 5 Tips to Feel Safe and Protected

Apartment security is an important aspect of your peace of mind. So, after a tiresome search, looking at one apartment after another, you now live in the upscale apartment of your dreams. It has the perfect number of rooms, fits your budget,…
Upgrade Your Home with Smart Features

4 Smart Features You Need in Your Home This Year

Smart features are the latest buzz in home technology and they are incredible. To think that just over two decades ago, we were all enthralled at the idea of being able to speak to someone via text message or cell phone while on the run. Now,…
Find Your E-commerce Niche

6 Things You Need to Know to Find Your E-commerce Niche

Finding an e-commerce niche in an ultra-competitive environment is not easy. There are many niches within the interior design business, but there are also niches that you might want to develop that compliment your current business plan. At…
Website Design

Website Design; 5 Tips for Success

Whether you’re a small business or a large company, you need a nice website design. This is as important to your business as the design of your brick and mortar store.  Your website showcases your products or services and communicates…

3 Important Tips about Home Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use through the use of a heat exchange. If you have a large house or your energy bills are particularly high, a heat recovery system is a worthwhile investment. Your initial…
Business Analytics

Analytics is Worth Looking at Even for Interior Design Firms

Companies collect and analyze data to get a better handle in all departments of their operation. For years I fought involving myself in looking at analytics because as a designer I didn't think I knew how to read it well and apply techniques…
Architecture Software Technologies

Architecture Software Trends to Watch

It seems like things are always changing (and changing fast) in technology industries. This is especially true in the world of architecture, where design and function are rapidly accelerating in this digital world. As an architect or design…
Your Interior Design Business Needs An Effective Website

Interior Design Business; Creating an Effective Website

When it comes to effective website design, there is a lot more happening beneath the page than images and content. In order to make sure your site's visitors browse, learn, or eventually buy, you need a consistent and thoughtful design. This…
Design Hounds - Milan 2018 (1) (1)

Trendspotting As One of the Design Hounds; EuroCucina 2018

What can I say, I have the BEST job in the world! As an interior designer, blogger and influencer I get to do what I love, design, blab about it and travel for design inspiration. I was fortunate to be one of the design hounds Milan 2018, a…
Pros & Cons of Smart Home Technology

When a Smart Home Creates Friction it’s Not Smart

We live in a world dripping with technology. In every industry and at every turn, there is digital technology, Wi-Fi, the cloud – and I don’t mean the ones in the sky. Technology is something that has evolved so much in the past few decades…