Create the Perfect Smart Home for You

Create the Perfect Smart Home for You

In today’s day and age, smart home technology and smart homes are the new big thing. Making our homes a little bit smarter and much more convenient, the market for smart home products is growing rapidly. From learning thermostats to interactive…
Seamless Home Security System

Home Security Need Not Interfere with Home Design

When upgrading your home in both style and function, bringing it up to date by design and increasing the “creature comfort” level of every room; by doing so you need not sacrifice home security. In the past, home security systems were sometimes…
Get Your Geek On with Smart Home Technology

Get Your Geek On with Smart Home Technology

When you’re designing your dream home, you often think about the décor above everything else. After all, it’s definitely the most exciting part. Although things like developing a plan first might seem boring, it's the most important part…
Home Technology

Home Technology, Is It Going Too Far?

With the millennial generation now old enough to start buying homes, it only makes sense that the houses are as tech-savvy as their owners. Who doesn’t want to get home after a long day at work and be greeted by a full pot of coffee that…
5 Time-Saving Tech Tools That Women Love

5 Time-Saving Tech Tools for Women

Women everywhere are increasingly on the grind. According to the Department of Labor, mothers are the primary or sole earners for 40 percent of households with children under 18 today, compared with 11 percent in 1960. Another 40…
Home Technology Simplifies Your Life

Home Technology; 5 Rooms That It Can Benefit

If you’re always looking for new ways to create your ideal home, you should consider the benefits of using home technology. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re enjoying all of the comforts of modern life. Make sure that you…
Protect Your Ecommerce Business From Fraud

Ecommerce; Is Two-Factor Authentication Worthwhile?

Any stumbling block you can place in the path of fraudsters goes a long way toward eliminating Ecommerce chargebacks. Two-factor authentication can be a terrific obstacle when it comes to impending hackers. Also known as 2FA, said simply, the…
3 Home Design Technologies on the Horizon

Home Design Today; 3 New Technologies

Home design is going to change drastically in the next few decades. New technology will completely reinvent the way that we decorate our houses and the way that we live in them too. Though you might not realize it, some of those changes are…
Performing a Smartphone Hard Reset on the Top 3 Phones

How to Reset Your Smartphone

We’ve all been there … our smartphone freezes or starts acting up somehow, and we immediately go about resetting it. This usually is enough to get the smartphone back to normal and go about our day. This type of a reset is known as…
6 Smart Home Technology Devices to Simplify Your Life

Smart Home Technology You Need in Your Home Design

With the rate at which technology is advancing, more and more products are coming out that can benefit your home! Including advanced pieces of technology into your living space can make your life much easier, as everything will be integrated…
Magento Makes Working at Home Easy(

Magento Makes Running a Home-Business Secure

When you work from home, you will already know that you face a unique set of hurdles that many office-based companies don’t have to worry about. One of these is the security of all your information and sensitive data. After all, your home…
How to Select the Best Home Technology

Home Technology That Increases Your Homes Value

Home Technology is ever changing and it is important to choose the technologies that will add value to your life and your home.