Everyone has been talking about the idea of an automated working environment at home for a long time. The number of companies that transfer their employees to this format of work is growing yearly. The reorganization of the workflow to the remote mode influenced the revision of our life. We no longer need to run to the office in the morning and stand in traffic jams. We just move from one room to another, in most cases almost in pajamas (for sure from below), take a seat at our corner adjustable standing desk, turn on the computer and the working day begins.

How To Create A Better Automated Working Environment At Home

automated working environment

Don’t Get Lost in Your Home

Why did we mention that this condition made us reconsider our lives? This is because many made mistakes. At first, there was no distinction between work or home pastime; so this situation ambushed everyone. Nobody knew how to deal with it. While chewing a sandwich, we switched on PC either right in the kitchen or on the couch, and it seemed like we started working. However, this didn’t make the result of labor effective. The most ingenious, immediately equipped, albeit self-made, but an “office”. Those who had little space put in partitions. The luckiest ones simply remade extra rooms or balconies into real office space. Mandatory attributes were a desk, chair, computer, lamp. It was the right decision because everybody began to work.

Bet on Comfort

Over time, we understood our workspace should not only be convenient and comfortable but also “smart”. This is created by having an automated working environment. It means that time for great automation of everything around you has come. The first thing you should pay attention to is the desk you spend most of your time on. We highly recommend taking an automated model of a sit-stand desk. It remembers your favorite positions and you can easily change them using the remote control. It is an approved fact that standing while working brings significant benefits to both health and productivity. These are great because you can always set the desk back in the sitting position. Such tables are now equipped with useful USB connectors, chargers, auxiliary sockets.

Care About Your Health

Work can bring particular harm to your health. But this is not entirely true. The work is not to blame and we are guilty ourselves. We never think about lighting, and in a few years, we occupy the first seats to optometrist’s office. We ignore what kind of air we breathe, and then we are the main patients of cardiologists. In order not to be mistaken, like this, install sensors that would react to how dark the workspace is at home. After the appropriate signal to the controllers, the light will turn on in time.

Set up an automatic ventilation system with fresh air so that it enters the room with an enviable frequency. Actuators will open windows at the command of the controllers while you are engaging in the workflow. If the programmed room temperature drops to a critical level, the controllers will make sure that the heater or air conditioner turns on.


If you still have not yet guessed why, after working all day, you are still cheerful, fresh, and energetic, then we can answer that. This is because you have trusted creating an automated working environment in your home!


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